Italy and France united in a training course for managers of their respective police forces

Signing of the memorandum of understanding on "cooperation in the field of police training" between the department of public security and the institute of higher studies of the French Ministry of the Interior. Guest, in the splendid headquarters of the Joint Postgraduate School, a delegation of the highest level made up of over 60 attendees of the Institute of Higher Studies in Paris, Si [...]

Norway. Gas and oil columns discovered in the Southern North Sea

Eni through Vår Energi announces a new significant oil and gas discovery in the Southern North Sea in Norway Eni through Vår Energi, owned by Eni (69,85%) and HitecVision (30,15%), announces a new significant oil discovery and gas in the production license PL027 in the Southern North Sea in Norway. The discovery is [...]

Living without an APP is just a problem… APPARENT?

(by Vito Coviello, AIDR Member and Head of the Digital Technologies Observatory in the Transport and Logistics sector) It will have happened to many, I suppose, not to remember the PIN or Password to access one of the APPs used, perhaps just when you are in a particularly hurry to use it. Think of the APPs that banks make available [...]

They collaborate with us

ATTENTION. The images taken on line publicly and apparently "Free"  if used they can become a weapon of blackmail. Many agencies in Italy and abroad they make exorbitant demands for money with the presumption of copyright infringement. Respecting the copyright of artistic photographs, our newspaper changed its policy on images and videos in order to PROTESTA al blackmail, thus providing the reader with the result of a partially “stunted” site without images and videos. This is to demonstrate the damage caused by the spurious action of these agencies that want to make a profit at the expense of young journalists who write and report, often for free and animated by passion alone, news in favor of public opinion. PRP Channel, whose publisher, among other things, is a NO PROFIT association, and our readers have been deeply damaged by the activity "borderline" of these agencies.