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(by Mario Galati) On 13 June 85 years ago colleferro was elevated to the rank of Autonomous municipality with an initial population of 3.001 inhabitants. A "promotion", he told himself then, to meet the legitimate expectations of his founding father Leopoldo Parodi Delfino that on the lands of Colleferro Scalo, until then falling in the Municipality of Valmontone, created with the senator Giovanni Bombrini the Bombrini Parodi Delfino: BP, D. one of the largest national industries that I come to employ up to 16.000 employees.

In fact, the choice to raise Colleferro to an autonomous municipality was dictated by the need to put order in a territory that falls within 3 municipalities. Segni Scalo, although taking the name of the neighboring town of Lepine, belonged territorially to the Municipality of Valmontone; the city center instead fell under the jurisdiction of the governorate of Rome: Colledoro was instead part of the territories of Paliano and Genazzano. As told by the then first pastor of the parish of Santa Barbara Don Umberto Mazzocchi in his book "Colleferro from the village to the industrial city":"Given the fact that the parish belongs to several municipalities, I found myself in the need to send the acts of marriages celebrated in Santa Barbara to the Municipality of Rome and those celebrated in San Gioacchino to the Municipality of Valmontone. The same applies to the dead and their burials".

To manage the first month of activity of the new Municipality of Colleferro he was appointed prefectural commissioner same Leopoldo Parodi Delfino which was later taken over by the rag. Donated by the Alps and subsequently from Aurelio Gaipa. While waiting for a new prefectural commissioner, the podestà was never appointed, Parodi again had the post of prefectural commissioner, a position from which he immediately asked to be removed due to obvious work commitments. He was then appointed prefectural commissioner, on June 15, 1940, the cav, Uff. Dr. Arturo Jafrancesco manager of the local police station of public safety with a monthly allowance of Lire 750 gross. Jafrancesco held the post until May 27, 1944 when the Germans took him hostage with other BPD executives and technicians.

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Colleferrine pills