Colleferro, Sanna tears up the opponents with a sound 75%


(by Emanuela Ricci) A plebiscite in Colleferro, Pierluigi Sanna with 75 per cent was re-elected mayor of the municipality on the outskirts of Rome, recently leapt to the front pages of the national news due to the murder of the very young Willy. Despite anti-CoViD-19 measures that were thought to affect voter turnout, 71 percent of eligible voters voted.

So hot on his Fb profile Mayor Sanna commented on a result, which for the percentage of satisfaction achieved, can be considered a record: "We had never won in the first round and a statement like this requires us to think deeply. Our community has placed in us a great trust that we cannot disappoint ”.

Sanna in coalition with the Democratic Party and four other civic lists obtained a resounding 75 percent, averting the danger of the ballot, as happened during his first election when as a competitor he had a big hit, the well-known former president of the Province, Silvano Moffa .

The League and the Brothers of Italy have focused on Luca Sofi who has reached an unflattering 15%. Forza Italia wanted to remain in the path now traced by the dean Mario Cacciotti, former mayor of Colleferro from 2006 to 2014, a choice that however produced a disappointing 7%.

The candidate of the M5S, Daniele Capuano reflects the national debacle, does not exceed 2%. Valerio Giuffrè of the Social Democracy Movement list, comes under 1%.

The Colleferrini wanted to reward Mayor Sanna's policy of doing and the new vision that he wanted to give to the city by supporting ambitious projects aimed at improving, in the short-medium term, the quality of life of citizens in terms of free time, mobility and job opportunities in various new and eco-sustainable production areas. The work for the new Sanna administration to be constituted, therefore, continues with greater responsibility, given the plebiscite trust received.

Colleferro, Sanna tears up the opponents with a sound 75%