Colleferro - checks carried out at the weekend by the carabinieri


Over the past weekend, the Carabinieri of the Compagnia di Colleferro performed numerous checks both on the main arteries and in the peripheral neighborhoods of the towns of Colleferro and Valmontone. Primary objectives were the identification of subjects of operational interest, the control of road traffic, the prevention and repression of crimes against property and related to drugs.

In particular, two arrests were made on the drug dealing front. The first, carried out by the Carabinieri of the Operational Unit and Radiomobile who, in the city center of Colleferro, checked the occupants of a car inside which a 20 year old, residing in Artena and uncensored, was found in possession of a few doses of hashish. The Carabinieri dell'Aliquota Radiomobile continuing the check at his home, found in his bedroom a further 100 grams of hashish, a balance of precision and various material for the packaging of the same. The boy was arrested and placed under house arrest.

In the town of Valmontone, the same soldiers, together with colleagues from the local Carabinieri station, witnessed a sale of a dose of cocaine by a local 45-year-old, with specific precedents, towards a 46-year-old from Valmontone. The checks continued in the appurtenances of the 45-year-old's home where the Carabinieri found, in a jar, a precision balance and another 25 grams of cocaine and 500 euros as proceeds from the illegal activity. The pusher was arrested and placed under house arrest.

Moments of tension occurred near the nightclubs of Colleferro, where a 36-year-old, with precedents, in the throes of a mix of alcohol, drugs and drugs, approached a Carabinieri patrol that was performing a checkpoint for the road traffic, first uttering insults and disconnected sentences and then damaging the vertical road signs creating danger for the cars in transit. The man continued to explode trying to damage the military car and trying to drive it. In opposition to the Carabinieri, the 36-year-old threw himself against one of them. The subject was then blocked and taken to the barracks where, after being rescued by 118 staff, he was accompanied to his home under house arrest.

Colleferro - checks carried out at the weekend by the carabinieri