Murder in Colleferro, four beat a 21-year-old to death


(by Emanuela Ricci) It happened in the early hours of 6 September, 4 boys (between 20 and 30 years old) from Artena, in the province of Rome, ambushed a 21-year-old boy at the exit of one of the many clubs of the center of Colleferro. The ambush in Largo Oberdan, near the Town Hall and the headquarters of the Carabinieri Company. The twenty-one, Willy Monteiro of Cape Verdean origin, residing with his family in Paliano (Frosinone) was attacked to death by the pack that with kicks and punches hurt him very seriously, so much so that he died during the transport of the 118 to the local hospital. Fatal would have been a kick to the stomach.

Called by some witnesses, the carabinieri of the Colleferro station intervened on the spot and immediately tracked down the alleged killers who in the meantime had left the place of the murder aboard a dark Q8. Disbelief and amazement was registered in the quiet town of Colleferro, not accustomed to news stories of this brutality. When the boys are stopped, investigations are underway to find out the motive for the murder and the cause of so much violence. From the first rumors, the boys arrested would have admitted what had happened but, according to some local newspapers, they would have also said they had the wrong person.

In the evening the arrest of the suspects was confirmed (manslaughter with the aggravating circumstance of the racial background) while the names of the four appeared on the social networks. Their Fb profiles were literally inundated with reprimand messages. At the exit of the barracks while the 4 were being translated at the Velletri and Rebibbia prison, many of those present tried to stop the carabinieri cars. At 20.30 the mayors of Colleferro, Paliano and Artena laid a wreath on the place where the murder took place. Tomorrow city mourning was declared in the municipalities of the province of Rome interested in the sad story.


So the mayor of Colleferro commented on the incident, Pierluigi Sanna"We are shocked, we are a citizen of good people and we are not used to episodes of this type. In fact, after this tragedy, there is a different air in the town. The brawl, among other things, was between boys from Artena and Paliano. There were no young people from Colleferro. But no one wants to exploit a drama of this type "

The comment of the mayor of Paliano, Domenico Alfieri"Discomfort and despair. This is what our city feels right now about the loss of our Willy. A gorgeous guy who found himself in the wrong place, at the wrong time. The whole city of Paliano gathers around the family and shares its immense pain ”.

Murder in Colleferro, four beat a 21-year-old to death