Naples: June 2020 Young # distantieme


Naples: June 2020 Young # distantieme

The review of the Department of Youth of the Municipality of Naples June Youth is back. Now in its seventh edition, the festival promotes events, initiatives and moments of study made by young people for the young people of the city.

This year's slogan is instants together. The pandemic stopped the whole cultural and entertainment sector and did not allow the organization of meetings in the usual ways but, even if distant, our young people will be virtually together to share moments of deepening and reflection always joyful and constructive. All events will in fact be available online from the Facebook page of the Department of Youth.

The review was structured through the work carried out in recent months by the Youth Department with associations, third sector and training bodies engaged within the Network of Youth Centers. This year we will be streaming three musical events proposed by the Zenith Association and built by the young participants of the Laboratory for the realization of events, held over the past few months as part of the Na.Gio.Ja._Costruiamo Opportunities project; two musical events that will take place in the last week of the month by the Kappa Office, the Department of Social Science of Federico II and Città della Scienza as part of the CreativeLab Napoli training course. The events built with the collaboration of the young participants will see the involvement of prominent Neapolitan artists.

  • The first starring Maurizio Capone in a workshop on creative recycling and some good lives
  • the second a streaming concert of the musical group La Maschera

always as part of the CreativeLab Napoli training course 2 presentation events of two Neapolitan productions by Mad entertainment:

  • The director Alessandro Rak will present his first work "The Art of Happiness", an animated feature film of 2014, produced by Mad Entertainment in collaboration with Rai Cinema. The film, entirely produced and set in Naples, received the prestigious Best European Animated Film award at the 2014 European Film Awards. At the end of the presentation it will be possible to watch the film in streaming with direct access to the Raiplay page.
  • The directors Alessandro Rak, Ivan Cappiello, Marino Guarnieri and Dario Sansone will connect in live streaming to present the animated feature film "Gatta Cenerentola", directly from the studios of the Neapolitan factory Mad Entertainment. The film, released in theaters in 2017, has received many awards, including: 2 David di Donatello, the special Francesco Pasinetti Award, the Open Award and the Gianni Astrei Award at the 74th Venice International Film Festival, a Ribbon d 'Argento and a Ciak d'Oro. At the end of the presentation it will be possible to watch the film in streaming with direct access to the Raiplay page

Social vernissage of the Raffaele Pezzuti Prize for Art IV Edition

During the month on the social channels of the Youth Department, the column "The World of Tomorrow" will be proposed, which offers food for thought by protagonists of the Neapolitan youth world on what the world of tomorrow will be and how we would like it to be.

The review will be presented in live streaming by Councilor Clemente on Monday 1st June at 12.00. All details of the program will be made known on the website of the Municipality of Naples and on the social channels of the Assessorato ai Giovan.

"June Youth is an event designed and wanted to put girls and boys at the center of the political, cultural and civil agenda of the city, in order to enhance the Neapolitan young people as the most important resource for our territory.

The "June Young" review, born seven years ago, together with the challenge of this Administration and Mayor Luigi de Magistris to build an idea of ​​the future and the present starting from the talents, creativity and potential of the younger generations, will involve through music, cinema, art, civil commitment, the districts of Naples and associations, movements, students, entrepreneurs, professionals, craftsmen, artists and stories of young people as positive and resilient models.

This year we are "distant", we still have to be to preserve our health, but in spite of this we will still live "moments" of beauty, art, entertainment and reflection.

Happy June young at all. Instantly together.. "

This was stated by the Councilor for Youth Alessandra Clemente.

Naples: June 2020 Young # distantieme