Tarantini mussel farmers condemn killing of loggerhead turtles


In just two days in the Mar Piccolo of Taranto two serious news events occurred that saw the victims Loggerhead sea turtles. The facts go back to last Sunday and Tuesday. In the first case, the turtle had a row of mussels tied with a noose to its hind leg, fortunately saved by a diver, in the second, it had eaten the bait of a bonito lowered into the water and in an attempt to free itself, it remained tangled up to die drowned impossible to breathe on the surface. In the case of Caretta saved on Sunday, the rope used is not a type of rope used in mussel farming, specify the Taranto mussel farmers in a note.

The mussel farmers of Taranto, adds the note, they condemn the serious events that have occurred and distance themselves from those who practice illegal fishing in the Mar Piccolo by any means, fishing which is absolutely forbidden in these waters, especially in the second breast, precisely where many killed dead turtles have been found. Phenomenon already encountered in past years

We ask the municipal administration of Taranto and the military in charge of the control of the sea for a tough opposition and a condemnation against these subjects who must absolutely be stopped in their illegal works and who have nothing to share with mythiculture. Tarantini mussel farmers work only to protect the environment and our wonderful ecosystem, the note concludes.



Tarantini mussel farmers condemn killing of loggerhead turtles