Agromed, Turco: territorial parties convened for investment realization


"Phase 1 of the Agromed project, i.e. its relaunch and rescheduling of resources, ended this month, with the publication in the Gazzetta, immediately after the approval by the Court of Auditors, of the CIPE resolution of 20 December 2019 which amended the previous resolution no. 155 of 2000, in the part relating to the project in question. We have thus recovered 11 million euros, which otherwise would have been lost, for the construction of a logistics platform for the storage, innovation and transformation of fruit and vegetables in the former Miroglio di Castellaneta site, thus strengthening and developing an agricultural supply chain with a high economic multiplier and occupational. By bringing Agromed to the former Miroglio site we are resolving two issues: we will not build yet another industrial warehouse with consequent consumption of the territory and we will resolve a long-standing dispute that still involves several work units that have remained without economic support since 2016.".

This is the long premise made by the Undersecretary to the Prime Minister with responsibility for Economic Planning and Investments, Sen. Mario Turco, who today coordinated a meeting in the Prefecture in Taranto, at which the only person in charge of the CIS Taranto, the delegates of the MISE and the Ministry of Labor, the mission structures Investitalia and Invitalia, with all the local actors involved in the project Agromed and in the ex Miroglio dispute, or Prefect, Puglia Region, Chamber of Commerce, Agromed, municipalities of Castellaneta and Ginosa, trade unions.

"I felt the need to convene this meeting with a wide audience - explains the Undersecretary - in the meantime because I was asked to do so by the territory but also in relation to my delegation of investments and as coordinator of the CIS. Today I stressed that Agromed is part of a broad revitalization plan for the Taranto area, precisely because of its design value, and it intersects well with the old and new projects that we are reprogramming within the development. It is time to start phase 2 of the Agromed project, i.e. the management and functionality of the plant and to define the framework agreement of the hiring plan. What is asked of all the territorial and social parts is to: support the project for the great economic and employment value it may have for the territory; facilitate the rapid realization of the investment; conclude the process of property handover and union agreement to then allow the final business plan to be approved by 31 July and thus start the investment ". The press release concludes.

Agromed, Turco: territorial parties convened for investment realization

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