Willy murder, the autopsy evidence: "relentless on the defenseless body"


They raged on the defenseless body "jumping on it " and “passing through it with your feet”. The reconstruction made by the magistrates of Velletri on what happened the night between Saturday and last Sunday in Colleferro returns a picture of violence "Unmotivated and unheard of" against a young man of just 21 years who "had nothing to do" with the quarrel born for a futile reason, a trivial appreciation made to a girl: "A" nice ah "addressed to a girl.

Elements that could change the charge from manslaughter to voluntary homicide. A dramatic picture emerged from the autopsy, carried out today at the Tor Vergata institute of forensic medicine, reports Ansa. On the body of the young trauma distributed everywhere between the chest, abdomen and neck that caused the shock that induced cardiac arrest but further investigations will serve to define which blow was fatal to the 21-year-old. Investigations on internal organs, on a body tormented by those who, witnesses say, struck blows like a true professional.

For the investigating judge of Velletri, the futile reasons would have originated the attack. The two brothers expert in extreme martial arts, from the testimonies cited in the ordinance, have a leading role in the beating so much so that a witness claims that the kick that caused Willy's death was delivered by Gabriele. The two yesterday tried to dismiss the accusations by stating "not to have hit the young man" but to have limited themselves to "push him", as the 'peacemakers' do, showing "however a substantial indifference to the procedural initiatives undertaken against them". But the papers of the investigation tell a different story. “I saw a large-displacement car arrive 'like a ball' - says an eyewitness -. Five people got off ”, including the two brothers and a boy with his arm in a cast,“ who threw themselves at anyone who came within range, kicking and punching and then attacking Willy '”. The five had been warned by a friend of theirs who feared that the quarrel broke out not far from the club, the "Two of Spades" could escalate. The position of Francesco Belleggio, the only one of the four who today has obtained house arrest, appears more nuanced. Although "having given rise and reason to the discussion - writes the investigating judge - then placed as a pretext for the aggression, when the two Bianchi brothers attacked Willy and another subject, he was engaged in a verbal confrontation which, as deducible from the statements of two witnesses, he had at first tried to avert, by giving an apology for an act of others, and finally ended without violence ". The suspect himself told of having seen the Whites beat together with Mario Pincarelli "wildly who was on the spot" then hit "Willy suddenly with a kick in the chest" and raged on him while he was on the ground. Willy however "had nothing to do with it" but he was in the wrong place at the wrong time. And above all in front of people of ferocious violence. A violence that first hits Willy's friend and then overwhelms the 5-year-old who rushed to defend him. Stretched out "with a kick to the chest" Willy gets up, almost an affront to the pack which - the testers say - ends with a beating that lasts almost twenty minutes. Around young people, someone flees, someone tries to revive him while he is now lifeless on earth. Meanwhile, the pack flees on the SUV. The carabinieri will track them down in a bar. Now the release from seizure of the body is expected for the funeral which will probably take place on Saturday at the sports field of Paliano.

ANSA source

Willy murder, the autopsy evidence: "relentless on the defenseless body"