Administrative fund elections: the ANA will meet the candidates for mayors


The Provincial ANA of Latina informs that contacts have been started with all candidates for Mayors of Funds for the definition of a calendar of meetings with managers and street operators of the city.

The meetings will take place from the end of July onwards according to an availability calendar which is being defined compatibly with the commitments already planned.

All Candidates accepted the invitation of the ANA National Secretary to discuss the problems of the sector in light of the serious crisis that the sector is experiencing due to the blockade imposed by the restrictive measures imposed by the Government for the fight against the Covid-19 virus and the ongoing consumer crisis.

Fondi hosts one of the largest weekly markets in the Region and the Province of Latina, and here hundreds of operators reside who carry out their activity in the markets of Rome and Lazio.

It is therefore necessary that the Candidates for Mayors illustrate to our category what their programs are for the sector and for the development of trade in general.

Finally, Fondi was the home of the No Bolkestein battles, having taken place right on the SS. Flacca, on 9 June 2016 "LA MARCIA DEI SILENTIOSI", which has contributed enormously to the development in Italy of the NO BOLKESTEIN movement of street vendors which has led to the definitive exit of street vendors from the scope of the so-called Services Directive.

The street vendors from Fondi and the Province of Latina contributed significantly to this movement.

Administrative fund elections: the ANA will meet the candidates for mayors