Angelo Pavoncello (ANA): "Street vendors, Raggi stop lying to citizens"


Mayor Raggi stops lying to the citizens. They say it, in a joint note, Angel Pavoncello national vice president of Ana (National itinerant association) e Fabio Gigli President of the Historical Association of Hurturers (Asu). "We learn the news with amazement - explain Gigli and Pavoncello - the shift of the Urtist stalls from the Trevi Fountain and the Pantheon and the simultaneous occupation of the production activities department by the trade associations and operators. We would like to remind Mayor Raggi only a couple of points, in which it is clear who respects the legality and who instead with a dictatorial attitude is likely to abuse power by violating the ordinances of the Tar of Lazio". "The first point - they explain again - is that today we have been called with note prot. QH / 65768 of 30/12/2019 and therefore we did not occupy the department, but rather we pointed out to the director Pelusi, that the ordinances he was presenting to us were in clear violation of three ordinances of the Lazio TAR, not least 13652 / 2015 and Cons Stato 3680/2016, verbatim also invoked by the TAR order of 8/11/19, which required 30/11/2019 as the last date for general reorganization plans and the mandatory reopening of the technical table of decorum, at the end of a constructive comparison between the institutional bodies concerned and the trade associations".

"At that point - Gigli and Pavoncello continue - given the refusal to suspend the acts in self-defense by the Capitoline administration, we asked the police forces that intervened to seize all the documents and send them to the public prosecutor's office, so that, following our umpteenth complaint, the abuse of power that the Municipality of Rome was perpetrating against the categories. Because rightly, the intervening operators cannot be asked to respect the law, if the municipal administration itself does not set a good example first. The proof is that as the director of the department heard the commissioner Cafarotti in the presence of the police and the top manager of the Municipal I of the Maggi local police, he communicated that the ordinances of 27/12 and 30/12 were verbally suspended awaiting a confrontation next week with the Capitoline junta, we immediately left the department, with the hope that in the confrontation that we will have next week, the mayor together with the councilor will accept the request to suspend all acts to proceed with a regulatory path as ordered by the Lazio TAR".

"Last thing - Pavoncello and Gigli are keen to specify - There was no official meeting to offer us other alternatives, neither stops nor taxi licenses, perhaps because in particular for the latter the mayor knows that he is making fun of the operators since both national and regional law on transport should be changed non-scheduled public, in order to convert the license of production activities with that of the Taxi, not to mention that moreover to have the taxi operators should participate in the tender that takes place annually (this year expires on 30/06) in order to take driving licenses for taxis. So - conclude Gigli and Pavoncello - we reaffirm the willingness of our associations to take a legal regulatory path as required by national law to verify together with the associations the compatibility or otherwise of the operators' stations.".

Angelo Pavoncello (ANA): "Street vendors, Raggi stop lying to citizens"