Arrested 54 year old addicted to drug dealing


He hid cocaine, an air rifle and hunting cartridges in the warehouse.

The services aimed at combating the drug dealing of the Carabinieri of the Compagnia di Colleferro continue.

The soldiers of the Artena Station arrested a 54-year-old local, already known to the police, on charges of detention for the purpose of drug dealing and illegal possession of weapons.

Specifically, the Carabinieri, having heard of a possible illegal activity of man, have started a series of observation services near his home, located on the outskirts of the town. Collected useful elements to support their suspicions, the military triggered the blitz in the house: during the search, in a warehouse, 2 jars were found containing dozens of doses of cocaine ready to be sold, a precision balance, material for the packaging of the doses and a 4,5-caliber compressed air rifle - without serial number, with spotting scope and with a power greater than 7,5 Joules - a box of leads and 12-gauge hunting cartridges.

The man was placed under house arrest and, during the hearing celebrated in the Court of Velletri, resorted to plea bargaining, obtaining the penalty of one year and six months of imprisonment and a fine of € 6.000.

Arrested 54 year old addicted to drug dealing