Chinese fighter J-20, more advanced than the F-35?

The Chinese Air Force has made public a photo of the stealth fighter, J-20 which has become, as some Chinese analysts claim, a military fighter already operational for the defense of the country.

The existence of the aircraft is not new since it was already known, however the photo released last week highlights a J-20 with the 62001 queue number.

"It is the first time that a J-20 has been viewed with the queue number starting with an "6"said Weihutang, a program for military affairs affiliated with China Central Television, noting that the numbers on J-20 previously seen with a simple and anonymous "/" have begun.

Chinese Air Force regulations provide numbers starting with "7" for aircraft used in test flight groups, while "6" indicates that the J-20 is part of a combat ready unit.

The release of a photo of a J-20 with an "6" on the tail indicates that the pilots are already ready for combat have pointed out some Chinese analysts. 

Fu Qianshao, a Chinese air defense expert, told the Global Times that the training for combat specimens is different from the test. 

Fu believes that the J-20 is a more advanced aircraft than the US F-35. The J-20 is listed in the latest white paper on China's national defense as one of the new high-tech weapons commissioned by the Chinese army. Fu said the aircraft will be mass-produced and further improved in the future.

Its engines, aerodynamic design, weapons and electronic systems including radar, avionics and flight control system could be adequately updated over time.

The J-20 could take the stage, next October, at Tiananmen Square during the parade to celebrate the 70 anniversary of the founding of the People's Republic.

Chengdu J-20 project

The project Chengdu J-20, a fifth-generation fighter that took off for the first time in January of the 2011, is defined by the Pentagon as a long-range platform capable of penetrating heavily defended environments. In the initial phase it was equipped with two turbojets of Russian manufacture. For Chengdu J-20 there are six variants: long-range interceptor, dogfight and escort, ground attack, long-range reconnaissance, electronic attack and launch pad for anti-satellite missiles.

The J-20 is inspired by several projects. Similarities in design can be appreciated with the MiG 1.44 technology demonstrator and the EFA 2000. For propulsion, the Chinese exploited the technology of Russian NPO Saturn turbofans AL-41F1 that equip i On-35E

Despite the efforts, the Chinese would not have yet developed jet engines capable of achieving the performance of the Pratt & Whitney F119 and F135, which equip theF-22 Raptor andF-35 Lightning of Lockheed Martin. 

Like the Russians for the T-50, even the Chinese will not be able to reach the full potential of the platform until they have developed engines with a thrust-to-weight ratio of ten to one and that can enhance the characteristics of a fifth generation aerodynamic profile.

Although there are still several improvements to be made, this new Chinese platform still has some really valuable technical features. 

The J-20 should still be equipped with gods Saturn AL-31 turbojets, of Russian manufacture. 

The final model, probably the one of which they have disclosed the photograph with registration number "6", could mount a propeller WS-15,  capable of developing a thrust power of 20.000 kg and equipped with a nozzle of three-dimensional vector push - will be able to direct the propulsion of its engine in a direction other than that parallel to its longitudinal axis. Another feature of this engine is to guarantee the aircraft excellent performance supercrociera

The J-20 should internally carry up to four BVRAAM missiles, beyond-visual-range air-to-air missiles and two short-range PL-10 missiles.

The aesthetics

Provides 21,26 length and a wingspan of 12,88 m. Its maximum reachable speed is Mach 2,5 (supercruising condition equal to Mach 1,83) and has a range of 3100 km.


Chinese fighter J-20, more advanced than the F-35?  

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