Calienno, Cisl Puglia school on distance learning: "Compensatory, not substitute"


"Compensatory, not substitute": So the regional secretary of the CISL Puglia school, Roberto Calienno, defines the Distance learning, a tool used for several days to try to complete programs in a decidedly anomalous school year due to the health emergency generated by the Coronavirus. "I am reminded of the lessons of Maestro Alberto Manzi in the 60s. After all, this too was a form of distance learning, which, however, aimed to combat illiteracy in adults.".

What is the position of the CISL Puglia School regarding the attempts of these days not to abruptly interrupt the school rhythm?
"Certainly open to the DAD which represents a support service in a complicated situation such as the one we live in and which allows us to maintain at least a virtual relationship between teachers and students. Our trade union organization has decided to provide tools that the teaching staff can take advantage of".

Actuality requires an adjustment for which not everyone is ready and equipped. Do you think this form of Dad can adequately respond to the needs of the moment?
"It absolutely does not allow the carrying out of laboratory activities, just think of the mechanics laboratories.Moreover complicated to manage the DAD with the children of the kindergarten. A separate chapter on disabled people, in particular as regards autistic children, for whom human relationships are fundamental. For the rest, undoubtedly our school system must be put in a position to respond to this type of need. It would be appropriate for the Government to work in order to avoid the risk that a digital divide will arise between the families, as well as to create a platform from which to draw school materials to facilitate the work of teachers and professors. Asynchronous lessons could be useful to meet the working times and management of the home life of families, as well as the learning times of each student".
What do you expect from the near future?
“The goal must be to return to the benches. With all the necessary precautions, but in September the school must reopen. Therefore the environments must be adapted, systematically sanitized, access to the institutes regulated, the distances in the same room respected, perhaps creating small groups of students who take turns. Another aspect: the staff must be strengthened. It is clear that in order to sanitize classrooms, corridors and bathrooms, as well as offices and other spaces with extreme frequency, it is essential that there are more collaborators, just as in order to guarantee lessons for students distributed in groups, there must be more teachers ”.

Interview by Debora Notarnicola

Calienno, Cisl Puglia school on distance learning: "Compensatory, not substitute"