Coronavirus, Zonetti-Pavoncello (ANA): "No to the masked Bolkestein, No Mirabelli amendment"


"We assume that in such a moment, with a pandemic in progress, and with the dead, we do not see the strict need to go and touch a piece of Trade Reform, when work has already started at MiSE with the various proposals from all the associations“, To declare it on President and Vice President of ANA (National Association of Street Vendors) Ivano Zonetti and Angelo Pavoncello, in a press note with very hard tones.
"Also because delegating the task to the Regions, when they have already done damage on damage to Healthcare, would also become dangerous for the entire sector of commerce in the public area ", specify Zonetti and Pavoncello.

Below is the position of ANA. The ANA strongly expresses its opposition to the provisions of the amendment to the #curaitalia dl, with art. 65 bis signed by Senator Mirabelli and others and similar amendments with the consent of one of the old associations.

The ANA is clearly opposed to the suspension for 6 months of the payment of TOSAP COSAP and TARI, because “We have already asked"", That for 2020 there will be no payment of these taxes given that the markets are closed, the work of the itinerant trade stopped, and when the markets and fairs reopen it will be hard to resume normalcy in a short time.

The ANA association is against the delegation to the Regions of the discipline of the matter concerning trade in the public area, without first having made a new national framework law by the MISE (ministry of economic development) and concerning the renewals of concessions and the reform of everything the sector.

Finally, we ask that any regulatory intervention in the area of ​​public trade be postponed to the end of the national emergency following the coronavirus epidemic.

For all that said we ask "an ecca extension of all concessions for at least two years“, Conclude the President and Vice-President ANA Ivano Zonetti and Angelo Pavoncello.

Coronavirus, Zonetti-Pavoncello (ANA): "No to the masked Bolkestein, No Mirabelli amendment"