Government crisis, in the end the F-35 will lead us to early elections

“I don't even want to think of a return to the government of Renzi, Lotti and Boschi, natural disasters. We reason about everything, but not about this ".

(by Andrea Pinto) In this sentence there is the synthesis of the strategy of the leader of the Northern League who wants to avoid the return of the PD to the government at all costs. An M5S government, PD, Leu and others, would decree the failure of the mid-August crisis triggered by Salvini. Strange but true, the Captain would not have foreseen "the unimaginable", PD and M5S together. What seemed to be rumors eventually, as the days went by, became "horrible" realities for the League. Di Maio, supported by Grillo and Casaleggio makes it clear that now the "omelette is done", there is no turning back. Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte does not want to hear about Matteo Salvini, who according to him would be a "traitor". The truth will be known on Tuesday 20 August when Giuseppe Conte will speak in the Senate and to follow there will be a vote on the motion of no confidence in the government. Certainly beyond the outcome of the votes of the motion, Giuseppe Conte will go up to the Quirinale to resign and thus officially begin the government crisis with the start of consultations. The President of the Republic returned early from his short holiday in La Maddalena and made it known that he now demands clarity and acceptable, credible and long-term political solutions, alternatively there will be the polls, probably on 27 October.

Yesterday he could not miss the appeal of the insults via social media to Salvini, including that of Saviano: "Salvini's destiny is prison, and he too is realizing this; just turn off the lights". The response of the Interior Minister on Facebook is: "Mr. Saviano wants to see me in jail. That I make friends, I listen to them and I resign or hold on ”. In the first four hours, the comments were almost 27, an average of over one per minute.

"The strategy, a Northern League explains, is to close all contact and concentrate. The goal, to flush out everyone: a classic of Matteo, he does not speak, the others roast in doubt and make leaks forward ".

On the internal criticism of the League of the moment chosen for the crisis, Matteo Salvini would have said: "If I had done it before I would have given the junkers time to get organized. If I hadn't done it in August, perhaps today we would already have a different government, the horror government ".

The problem is that many leaguers feel they are in check. The birth of a yellow-red government would however not be short-lived. The PD, writes Cremonesi in the Corriere della Sera, would aim to elect the Head of State in 2022 and change the electoral law (proportional system) to hinder the advance of the League which, with the current system (with a majority prize), would have an advantage in the 'to occupy two thirds of both parliamentary halls, a supreme power never before in Italian republican history.

The word end to this "soap opera" of mid-August could be put by the President of the Republic Sergio #Mattarella that given its ties with the US it could stretch for early elections in October to send the Movement to the opposition, which the Americans disliked for having favored Italy's relations with China (via della Seta) and for hindering many industrial programs military, like the F-35. Minister Trenta even delayed the payment of an installment for airplanes already received equal to 389 million, raising the resentment of the US and of the President of the Republic himself.

Defense Minister, Elisabetta Trenta, host of "Circo Massimo", on Radio Capital last April, also said that the F35 program "it would have been revised, but the procedures for the revision and the conditions will be treated directly by Conte together with Trump. Resized? It can mean changing pace, acquiring, or buying less".

On 8 August, in full government crisis, the Undersecretary of Defense, Hon. Volpi Raffaele commented on the 5Stelle line on the F-35: "è technological-military development and strengthening of the Euro-Atlantic link. I believe, Volpi points out, that the F35s are not only a military instrument but also a form of anchoring, also of perspective, to a historical alliance with the United States. From an industrial point of view, positive choices towards the new omnifunctional platform would make it possible to strengthen and increase Cameri's production opportunities and identify further industrial and technological developments to be brought to Italy. The F35 affair must not be seen as a problem but as a great political and development opportunity".

Government crisis, in the end the F-35 will lead us to early elections