De Magistris: "I decided not to run as President of the Campania Region"


De Magistris, with a video published on youtube, dissolves the reserve and communicates his decision on the candidacy to lead the Campania Region.

“I have decided not to run for President of the Campania Region. A thoughtful, difficult choice, in which I also put aside legitimate personal ambitions and also a very interesting political challenge such as that of going to guide our Region.

But I chose Naples. Once again a choice of love, heart, passion, but also of rationality.

The moment is too difficult to leave the city in the hands of a state official without the democratic legitimacy of the elections. It is a time when we must rebuild the city from a social and economic point of view, in which we must give strength to the citizens, heal the wounds but also give power to the energies that only this city knows it has. I have dedicated 9 years of my life in Naples and I will also dedicate them to the last year of my mandate, until June 2021.

Together we will bring Naples back to where we left it in February, at the top of the world for energy, culture, tourism and economic capacity.

I am absolutely convinced of it and that is why I believe that right now spending myself in an election campaign could mean a betrayal of the city.

Once again in my life a love choice. I'm happy because I deeply love Naples.

So I started my mandate and until the end I will work exclusively for Naples and the Neapolitans. "


De Magistris: "I decided not to run as President of the Campania Region"