De Magistris: "Together we will overcome this war"


So on his Facebook profile the Mayor of Naples Luigi de Magistris: "We read the new Prime Minister's decree regarding the emergency tonight coronavirus, which we will scrupulously apply as far as we are concerned, also sharing its spirit and purpose. Unfortunately, yesterday's imprudent release of unofficial drafts from the decree, announcements before the decree was effective, not having foreseen immediate police measures to make the strict prescriptions effective, produced an objective push towards the exodus, from the red areas, to the south with cars, trains, buses and planes. If the aim was, rightly, to drastically reduce the risks of contagion, unfortunately the effects were quite different. In the red areas it was necessary - and it must be - immediately foresee that people move only within the limits established by the decree: proven working needs or situations of necessity, that is, movements for health reasons. The rigid check must be done upstream. It is up to the state, through the prefects, to enforce the bans, which are penalized. This morning I heard Prefect and Quaestor asking, however, that they are also in the city all activities aimed at preventing the circumvention of the decree to protect the health of our community. The activities of pubs, dance schools, game rooms, betting and bingo, discos and similar clubs are also suspended. Bars and restaurants can carry out activities under certain safety conditions, as indicated in the decree, but gatherings in the vicinity of the premises are not allowed (so-called movida). Police forces are responsible for applying the decree and closing the premises in the event of violations. I want to express, with my heart, solidarity, as an Italian and a man from the south, to all the inhabitants who are in the red zone. Together we will overcome this war.

Today, everyone needs a sense of responsibility to guarantee their own health and that of others. As a municipal and metropolitan administration, we were among the first to foresee the work from home that we will implement in the coming days, where foreseen and possible. Obviously, some jobs cannot be done at home and, therefore, a ban on sly people. On the other hand, I would like to thank all the workers who will continue to carry out every day's work with competence, professionalism, courage, passion and humanity. The services needed for community life cannot stop. You are indispensable to allow the continuation of ordinary life, even in emergency conditions. It is a war that I am sure we will win also thanks to the spirit of compactness and solidarity that this city knows how to field in difficult times. A deep thanks to the doctors, nurses, pharmacists, all healthcare workers, who are doing an unprecedented job, with great professionalism, competence, self-sacrifice and humanity. Since today is March XNUMX, a thought in particular to women on the front lines fighting the virus. With a sense of responsibility, we comply with the requirements, reducing the risks of contagion. So you win the war on the virus, without panic, with strength, courage and brotherhood. "

Naples in full swing to fight the epidemic

Numerous agents deployed by the local police din the early afternoon of yesterday and until the early hours of the night today, Sunday 8 March, to ascertain compliance with the rules for the containment of the epidemiological emergency from Covid-19. Tight checks were carried out in those areas of the city where the "movida" is mostly concentrated. From the Baretti di Chiaia, to via Aniello Falcone, from piazza Bellini to piazza Vanvitelli, they have been hundreds of notifications made regarding the Order of the President of the Campania Region n 7 of 6/3/2020 and of the Trade Union Order n 107 of 27/2/2020 issued in relation to the Covid-19 emergency. In the Baretti area, 53 public establishments were formally made aware of the content and warned of respecting the Regional Ordinance, with particular regard to verifying compliance with a one meter distance between customers in the areas used for the administration of food and drinks. In addition, checks were carried out in relation to compliance with sanitation measures and sanitizing supplies inside each room by viewing the certifications on the treatments. Between piazza Vanvitelli and via Aniello Falcone over 90 exhibitors were informed about the contents of the Ordinances. Here the agents were able to verify that all the premises, although the order established the obligation of sanitation from 24 hours, had already provided for sanitization of their structures from the very early afternoon. Even in chiaia "i Baretti" were already almost all sanitized in advance with respect to the set schedule. Remaining in the hilly area, 25 checks were carried out at as many schools, of different types and levels, and 5 at the playrooms operating in the area. All 30 checks gave a negative result confirming the full compliance by the holders with the closing order. Similar control, verification and information interventions were carried out among the commercial operators of the Lungomare. In via Partenope he made sure that the measures adopted to distance customers were widely respected. Even in the inspections carried out at the five chalets present in Mergellina, the Local Police found that, always in advance of the obligation imposed, some of them had already adopted useful measures to limit the infection. There was also the usual intense influx of vehicular traffic on Saturday evening which, directed to Mergellina, engaged the agents in the road system until after midnight. During the night, the patrols also verified the total compliance with the closing provision by the discos. In the historic center it is always Piazza Bellini that attracts the greatest number of customers, but here too the agents have been able to verify compliance with the aforementioned Ordinance. Only outside a single room was a large number of people concentrated. Before proceeding to generalize the owner of the restaurant business, the Agents, explaining the reasons for the prescriptions given in the ordinance and aimed at preventing contagion, had no difficulty in spontaneously getting the crowd away. Controls by the Naples Local Police aimed at ensuring compliance with the provisions adopted to protect safety and public health will continue steadily over the next few days.

"In these delicate and highly apprehensive hours I want to thank the women and men of our Local Police who are asked to be on the front line to give support in managing the situation, ensuring compliance with the measures issued. I would like to applaud all our workers who, in compliance with the safety directives, are guaranteeing citizenship services in these hours, with their professionalism and dedication. Responsibility and prudence must guide our next days. " Declares the Councilor for Local Police Alessandra Clemente.


De Magistris: "Together we will overcome this war"