Def, Mattarella is ready to send the economic document back to the sender

The warning of the President of the Republic Sergio Mattarella:

"The Constitution states that budget balance and the sustainability of public debt must be ensured. To protect the savings of fellow citizens, the resources for families and businesses, to defend pensions, to make concrete and effective social interventions possible. The Constitution indicates the criteria for behaviors and important decisions, such as those to be taken in these days".

Matteo Salvini:
"Don't worry President, after years of maneuvers imposed by Europe that have blown up the debt, we are betting on the future and growth. With balance, pride and courage. And if in Brussels they tell me I can't do it, I don't care".

“We do the maneuver from Rome and for the Italians. They must understand this in Brussels, in Berlin and in some hills of Rome ”.

Luigi Di Maio:

"This maneuver of the people has the purpose of creating the conditions to then be able to reduce this debt".


“The president is calm but the Constitution does not prevent changing the Fomero, helping young people, reducing taxes. And if in Brussels they tell me that it can't be done, I don't care and I do it anyway. Words to which were added those of Di Maio: "Mattarella need not worry." In reality Salvini does not answer on the point raised by Mattarella, that of the debt that must be sustainable: this is the object of the presidential recall, not the economic measures that are the competence of politics and on which the head of state has nothing to complain. . It is even obvious that Fornero can be reformed but the point is with what resources, present and future.

The fear of experts and economists, however, lies in the consequences that the "maneuver of the people" could unload precisely on the people if the debt were to exceed the threshold. And it is no coincidence that article 97 of the constitutional charter always refers to the impartiality of administrations which cannot become an instrument of a political party but must protect a general interest.

The Quirinale consulted the governors of the ECB Mario Draghi and of the Bank of Italy Ignazio Visco to examine the assessments of two super technicians. The greatest fear is given by the markets that after Black Friday, Monday could hit us again.

The Quirinale is therefore looking with apprehension at the next steps, at how the budget law is being written, which will then have to be examined and signed. And so he attempts a “preventive” remote dialogue with Europe where the Eurogroup and Ecofin will meet tomorrow.

The head of state does not ask, and could not do so at this stage, corrections to the update note of the Def and to the economic maneuver that still needs to be written. But this is the hope cultivated on the Hill. After all, Tria will churn out the tables with the breakdown of expenses only between Tuesday and Wednesday. And therefore there is time, way and possibility to reduce the impact of the decision made by the government on Thursday. Especially if the spread, tomorrow and in the following days, continues its surge.

The head of state tries to make Salvini and Di Maio understand that the announced measures risk being burned in a few weeks by the higher interest expenditure that the public budget will have to face, triggered by the exponential growth of the spread differential.

Mattarella would like a correction for 2020 and 2021. Di Maio and Salvini wrote that the deficit-GDP ratio will remain at 2,4% for three years. Well, the head of state, but also Visco, hope that at least this forcing can be corrected, by reporting the debt and balance curve for the next two years. In this long negotiation, under the counter, there is also a resounding NO to the Def by the Quirinale, sending it back to the sender for the appropriate corrections.




Def, Mattarella is ready to send the economic document back to the sender