Dj Vannelli with his Live On Tour in Taranto on the beauties of the city of the two seas "


The unpublished video of the Live On Tour by Joe T Vannelli, a well-known Milanese DJ by adoption, but of Tarantine origin, made on July 23 at the Aragonese Castle of Taranto in collaboration with theAPS Communicate art.21 and from South Maritime Command of the Navy, for the availability of the Divisional Admiral Salvatore Vitiello.

Exciting images those shot by the drone piloted by the DJ himself. The navigable channeland the Aragonese castle, monument to the sailor, the whole city seen from above, at sunset, unique images that will remain indelible in your memories for a truly exciting experience.

During the performance, Joe T Vannelli remained connected to the followers of Facebook, Instagram and YouTube, reaching more than 110.000 views worldwide. Many interactions and comments to his direct which today has thousands of positive comments and beyond 174.000 views.

At 20:09 pm the live broadcast from the Aragonese Castle stopped for a solemn moment: the small flag on the notes of the Hymn of the Submarines followed by the Hymn of Italy and, La Ritirata. Immediately after the DJ continued his show until 21:00 pm.

The idea of ​​bringing Joe T Vannelli to the shores of the Jonio was born from Fabio Ligonzo, which saw in the performance, so structured "the embrace of music to the artistic and landscape heritage of our city, which with this event we want to promote and enhance, through social networks, the most innovative and effective communication channels that reach the vast public of all ages ".

The organization of events of this type will not be isolated, Comunicare art.21 APS is already in motion to promote the area through other social, cultural and tourist initiatives.


Dj Vannelli with his Live On Tour in Taranto on the beauties of the city of the two seas "