After so many little clear evidence, why still rely on WHO?

(by Marco Zacchera) In recent months Coronavirus has often been talked about and written about a substantial inefficiency and political dependence ofWorld Health Organization vis-à-vis China and increasingly embarrassing details have emerged on this "world bandwagon" which, left to protect health in the world, has become a great center of political power with enormous management costs and uncertain results tragically highlighted by the pandemic.

The readers of IL PUNTO will acknowledge that I have already spoken about it and I would like to underline an excellent reportage by Milena Gabanelli on the Corriere della Sera in which incredible aberrations are documented.

Already from the financial point of view, the mistreated US pays 893 million dollars a year against the 85,8 of China. Bill Gates is the second bidder, the third private entity is Rotary International with 132 million dollars (and as a Rotarian it bothers me a bit…). The choice of director Tedros Adhaniom Ghebreyesus - strongly supported by China - was disconcerting. The first act of this handsome subject - former Ethiopian foreign minister and Ethiopia is a subject of Beijing - was to appoint and Robert Mugabe, the former president of Zimbabwe, "WHO Goodwill Ambassador to Africa for non-communicable diseases." That same recently deceased Mugabe, dictator for decades of Zimbawe (the former Rhodesia) who as one of the most prosperous countries in Africa was starved by him and famous for the continuous violations of human rights, but a very trusted friend of the Chinese who propped him up (and armed him) as long as they could.

Then the Chinese crisis management that for weeks denied the evidence, hid the numbers, ignored the Taiwanese alarms, imprisoned the doctors who reported the growing epidemic and the related risks.

Yet - despite the fact that 100 countries have asked for an independent international investigation into the genesis of the epidemic - China has said no and has managed to block everything, thanks to the trembling Europe and above all Italy that thinks smartly about business with Beijing without not even realizing that it regularly comes out even more as a loser.

Instead, it would be necessary to clarify and not only on the coronavirus but first of all on the accounts and expenses (pharaonic) of the WHO and then on the security of 5G networks or on the fight against the counterfeiting of drugs, because few know that half of the counterfeit drugs in the world are just Chinese.


After so many little clear evidence, why still rely on WHO?