Tenuta Governo, the match in the Senate on Wednesday. Exhausted Giorgetti just wants the sport


(by Massimiliano D'Elia) Matteo Salvini yesterday launched another dig at the government ally through one of his ministers: "If they think the government crisis issue is closed, then they have miscalculated. Matteo can break even in mid-August ".

Salvini is far from Rome and is thinking about the strategy for next week. In the meantime, many close to him say that he is furious about the question of autonomy in the regions and about the school, whose competence has been taken away from the regions. The truth about the government will be held on Wednesday in the Senate when Giuseppe Conte will speak on Russiagate. Salvini, as Corriere della Sera writes, could speak from the Lega benches and not from those of the government.

Luigi Di Maio seems more serene. Next week he wants to meet the Northern League leader to try to find points of relaxation on the latest frictions. A curious episode, Corriere della Sera always reports, is reported by parliamentary sources of the M5S. Rumor has it that Salvini went on a rampage on Thursday due to a bizarre misunderstanding. In fact, his staff would have read quickly and without paying too much attention to a press agency, attributing it to Luigi Di Maio. The note contained harsh statements calling for a motion of no confidence against Salvini. Too bad they had been released by a namesake of the vice premier, or Marco Di Maio, deputy of the Democratic Party. This would explain the height of nervousness reached by Salvini that day.

Giorgetti wants to throw in the towel?

Giorgetti would be thinking of keeping only the delegation to Sport. He would have abandoned the 10 internal chats of the League's network on whatsapp. His visit to the Hill was intended to understand whether Mattarella would dissolve the Chambers if the government fell. He probably did not have this guarantee from the President of the Republic.

Giorgetti then, according to rumors, begins to no longer understand Salvini. For the question of the appointment as EU Commissioner, it seemed more a “promoveatur ut amoveatur”, rather than a shared and above all strategic choice.

Giorgetti is also far from Rome for strictly private reasons. Before leaving Rome he specified to his followers: "Let's not forget that our function is pro-tempore, and that in order not to lose contact with reality, we must always maintain a relationship with the territory ".

It is no coincidence that the Northern League base, that of the territory has long been calling for a return to the polls. Salvini should listen to the base, because consensus in Italy can be lost overnight.

Tenuta Governo, the match in the Senate on Wednesday. Exhausted Giorgetti just wants the sport