In Colleferro the "Relaunch" starts from afar with the "method" of the mayor Sanna


(by Emanuela Ricci) Yesterday the Prime Minister, Giuseppe Conte has announced live on unified networks the need for Italy to work on a "Plan for the relaunch of the country", An ambitious plan that will see the best national forces united with a single objective, that of presenting a credible and feasible project in Brussels to receive as a dowry the 172 billion provided for by the sumptuous funding program called,"Next Generation Plan".

While at national level people are now thinking about the Renaissance, in a town south of Rome, colleferro la Rebirth it has been going on for some time and already today there are the results of most of the "ambitious" projects that the city council had set itself. 

The merit of a new "method", that of doing with your head down without if and without but, it is certainly the junta led by the mayor of Colleferro, Pierluigi Sanna, elected on 16 May 2015 on the center-left lists.

Sanna at just 27 years - among the youngest mayors of Italy - was chosen by the voters to conduct the administrative activity of a municipality, Colleferro, which has always jumped to the national news for policies that have proved foolish that have brought the town more and more towards "the garbage economy”, As often the mayor Sanna closes on facebook, in reference to the Incinerator and the Colle Fagiolara landfill. 

Since 2015, Sanna and her junta have rolled up their sleeves by starting to work on a painstaking work to relaunch the city, thinking of urban works with high structural and social impact, but also trying to attract investments to radically change the local economy towards "green" and eco-sustainable projects.

So on the Facebook profile, the mayor Sanna summarizes, in a sentence, the philosophy of his junta:

"We will work for this, to improve the present by laying the foundations of the future of a city that focuses on the citizen with his needs, his expectations on the quality of life and why not .. even his dreams! "



Speaking of dreams, one was made and lit up with the tricolor on the other day, on the occasion of the Republic Day. The Old Castle of Colleferro it has been cleaned up and made available to the citizens. The Castello Vecchio is part of a project that provides for an allocation of 200 thousand euros and which will see it at the center of a park, the crossroads of two cycle paths and the 3C running route, recently entered into the possession of the Colleferrino municipality. The Municipality recently took charge also via Romana (closed since the 50s) which will see the viability of Colleferro totally upset in favor of citizens who will be able to go from Piazza Italia to Colleferro Scalo in a few minutes without passing through Piazzale Matteotti and Ponte Sabotino. They will also be able to do it by bicycle because the project includes a cycle path. 

Work is also planned on the new bridge on the railway that will connect Via Fontana dell'Oste (former slaughterhouse area) to Via Valle 7/2 (Craft Planes area) near the area where the new Fire Brigade Barracks and the Civil protection. 

As for culture, in addition to Municipal Museum that we all know we will also have Colleferro space, an experiential museum, dedicated to the city and its contribution to research, space and human experience of interstellar travel.

Important for the economy of the whole supply chain is the opening of the new distribution center Amazon which will guarantee 500 permanent jobs, plus fixed-term ones.

With regard to the Health Sanna invited all fellow auditors to analyze the positive and negative sides of the emergency management from Covid-19, by the Asl RM5. 

Sanna's appeal"We need more staff immediately, we need to extend the emergency room, we need a serious response on gynecological and pediatric services in the light of the transformation into Covid H of the Palestrina Hospital. We have started this discussion both in majority and in the conference of group leaders with all political forces. The reasoning must also be initiated with the nine municipalities of the former Asl RM30 that will surely be able to consider the issues fairly and with unanimous judgment, beyond the political differences. Territoriality must be the central point, also in relation to the contiguous territories with which, however, we already share something. Neuralgic centers and services too far away can no longer guarantee adequate health care for the population and the necessary capacity for collegial discussion between the local health authority and the first health authorities represented by the mayors".

For the current economic emergency, the Sanna junta is already working to find concrete solutions in favor of the categories in greatest crisis.

What to say then, good job Mayor!


In Colleferro the "Relaunch" starts from afar with the "method" of the mayor Sanna