Industry, Italy cannot do without France and Germany

The Aachen agreement between France and Germany could penalize the Italian military industry which needs to actively participate in new programs.  The alternative to the Franco-German axis could be to look more closely at the Anglo-Saxon industrial world. It is very interesting what Sole24 wrote about the fact that Italy could look to Great Britain, where there is already a consolidated industrial presence of Leonardo-ex Finmeccanica. Great Britain also means closer proximity to the United States, where Italy is present with important collaborations in Boeing (missile defense) and Lockheed Martin with the F-35.

In this regard also the Prof. Michele Nones, scientific advisor of the IAI: "The strengthening of ties between France and Germany inevitably goes to the detriment of Italy, which at least since the beginning of this decade had desperately tried to wedge itself between the French and the Germans. We looked above all to the French, with whom there are agreements in the naval industry, in missiles and in satellites, while we have not been able to carry out joint programs with the Germans. If we want to maintain a technological capacity in defense we must participate in the next European programs. To do this, additional resources are needed compared to those already allocated for national programs. It should be this government to look for political alliances in Europe to ensure that national co-funding of European programs is kept out of the Stability Pact ".

The most interesting European projects

One of the great projects that arouse international interest is the Franco-German project for the hunt for the future, the "Feas".

Last July, British Prime Minister Theresa May launched the project "Tempest", With 2 billion pounds initial to the English industries.

The project new European tank it is being questioned between the Germans and the French.

The future drone Euro bad is a project between four countries, led by Germany, with France, Spain and Italy.

Faced with this new European tendency to cooperate in future projects, day after day the tensions between Rome and Paris increasingly take on a tone that is not entirely reassuring.

The recent tensions with France

The French president Emmanuel Macron, speaking from Cairo, he stressed that he will not respond to the criticisms of Italian leaders Luigi Di Maio and Matteo Salvini about France, because they have "no interest". “I'm not going to answer. It is the only thing they are waiting for ... This is of no interest. The Italian people are our friend and deserve leaders who live up to their history ». "Let the Italian people tell you this," Di Maio replied almost live.

"Der Spiegel"

The fact that the clash between Italy and France could "cost a lot", especially in Rome is also read in the German weekly "Der Spiegel", according to which the crisis between Rome and Paris, triggered and fueled by the statements of the vice presidents of the Council, Luigi Di Maio and Matteo Salvini, joined by those of the head of government, Giuseppe Conte, at the World Economic Forum in Davos, risks seriously damaging Italian-French relations, particularly in the field of economics.

The opinion of Licia Mattioli, vice president of Confindustria

For the vice-president of Confindustria, Licia Mattioli, the controversy with France initiated by Italy is "incomprehensible and counterproductive", given the stakes. “After Germany, France is Italy's main trading partner”. Beyond the Alps, "10 per cent of Italy's total exports" are in fact directed. Important Italian banks and insurance companies, “such as Unicredit and Generali, are French-owned, as well as big names in fashion: Bulgari, Fendi, Gucci and Brioni”. The clash between Italy and France also poses high risks for the joint projects of the two countries: the rescue of Alitalia, the merger between Fincantieri and Chantiers de l'Altantique formerly Stx France, the Telecom sale, the reorganization of Italian banks, Turin-Lyon high-speed train. For Italy, says Mattioli, "cooperation with France and Europe is the only possible prospect".


Industry, Italy cannot do without France and Germany