Geostrategic interest in the Tap to avoid dependence on Russian gas


The ownership of the Tap (Trans Adriatic Pipeline) is divided between the Italians of Snam, the British of British Petroleum, the Azeris, the Belgians of Fluxys, the Spaniards of Enagas up to the Swiss of Axpo.

The environmental impact of the gas pipeline on the beach of San Foca and Marina di Melendugno, which according to the "no Tap" front, would ruin the natural habitat, the landscape, the tourist attraction and the agricultural crops of the area. The gas pipeline project, declared legitimate on the technical level and authorization procedures by the current Minister of the Environment Costa, provides, instead, the passage below the Salento coast through a microtunnel of about 45 km while an underground pipeline, along other 8,2 km, will allow you to bypass the bathing area.

In Italy the well has been realized so far, while the start of the work of the microtunnel has been postponed several times, even though in 2017 the Constitutional Court had deemed inadmissible the conflict raised by the Puglia Region against the State for the authorization of the pipeline.

At the geopolitical level there is a lot of interest in implementation, for example the United States has always supported the need to build the pipeline because it would allow them to increase their exports of liquid gas to Europe. It will bring natural gas from the Caspian Sea deposits in Azerbaijan to Italy via Greece and Albania. It is one of the 248 projects of Community interest that will bring up to 10 billion cubic meters of gas a year in Europe. Capital, almost entirely private, with loans granted by the major European financial institutions, by the Investment Bank (Bei) to the Development Bank (BERS).

However, the revolt of No Tap activists - mostly M5S voters - against it continues in Puglia the definitive go-ahead from the Government to the construction of the gas pipeline to bring the natural gas of the Caspian Sea to the province of Lecce. After a first mobilization on the social media, today we have passed to a protest demonstration of citizens, associations, and local committees of Salento in front of the Torre della Marina di Melendugno, a symbolic place for the battles of the No Taps. Some activists, with the signs "This land is not for sale" and "M5s resign" have burnt their voting cards and a series of posters with the symbol of the pentastellato Movement and the faces of MPNUMXS parliamentarians elected in Salento, including the minister for the South, Barbara Lezzi.

The destruction of the electoral cards, the demonstrators explained, is a way to highlight the betrayal of those who, during the election campaign, promised that the Tap pipeline would be blocked in two weeks, while now the Conte government has endorsed the construction of the work. According to the data provided by law enforcement officials, around 300 people, 500 according to the organizers, would participate. The spokesman of the No Tap, Gianluca Maggiore has launched an appeal to the thousand yachtsmen who have boats moored in the port of the marina of Santa Foca to "support the struggle of the movement against the construction of the gas pipeline".



Geostrategic interest in the Tap to avoid dependence on Russian gas