International Flight Training School of Galatina, flagship of the Air Force with integrated training systems unique in the world

At l 'International Flight Training School of the  61 ° Wing of the Air Force based in #Galatina, in the province of Lecce, a Phase IV flight training was planned with the help of Training Management and Information System (Tmis). This is Leonardo's advanced management software with the precious collaboration of the Air Force School Command. The TMIS system is currently used in the experimentation and implementation phase at the 212 ° Flight Group operating with 18 T-346A of the # Aeronautica Militare e 3 M346 of the IFTS with mixed crews.

The close cooperation and synergy between Leonardo and the Italian Air Force at the Salento military airport has made it possible to develop the software for the management of the programming and planning of the training activity in a unique automated way. TMIS was created with the aim of minimizing manual intervention on daily schedules, while optimizing available resources and allowing almost total management of the school with particular reference to fleet management, crews, qualifications and maintenance of standards. training, as well as the management of current flight operations and long-term planning with verification of compliance with requirements.

Instructors and students are continuously monitored by the system that follows their progress and guarantees a homogeneous and efficient progress.

The development of theInternational Flight Training School will see a progressive increase of students with the consequent exploitation in terms of use of all the aircraft and training assets of the school. With this in mind, TMIS is configured as a fundamental tool capable of guaranteeing the optimization of available resources (classrooms, Computer Based Training - CBT, Simulator Based Training - SBT, simulators, aircraft and Live, Virtual, & Constructive).

With the introduction of the TMIS system and with the high technological level of the Ground Based Training System, one of the the most advanced integrated flight training systems in the world.

Leonardo's integrated M-346 training system includes state-of-the-art ground-based training devices, including full-mission simulators, cutting-edge real-time virtual environments (LVCs) and advanced training aircraft extensively tested and in service with the most demanding aeronautical companies in the world, equipped with simulation systems for tactical training (ETTS).

The above, together with a training program designed to train pilots destined to operate on the highest performance machines, developed thanks to the vast experience of decades of education of Italian and international pilots in Italy, guarantees the highest efficiency in the training of pilots and reduced costs. The courses are designed to adapt to the needs of the air forces, including basic training, and best adapted to the pilots in training up to define an adequate level of final preparation with the aim of minimizing flight times and hours at the Operational Conversion Units (OCU). Operational training, largely carried out on the T-346A, is propaedeutic to the aerotactic line, that of the last generation fighters like Euro Fighter e F-35.


International Flight Training School of Galatina, flagship of the Air Force with integrated training systems unique in the world