Last meetings of Ana with the mayoral candidates of Fondi


Positive comparisons on the future of markets and trade in the city in the first three meetings

The last two meetings with the Candidates for Mayor of Fondi, Raniero DE FILIPPIS, from the Center Left, and Beniamino MASCHIETTO, supported by the Forza Italia coalition and other civic lists, will continue next week.

In the first meetings held by the ANA delegations and operators of Fondi, with the Candidates Giulio MASTROBATTISTA, Luigi PARISELLA and Francesco CICCONE - accompanied by the National Secretary and by the ANA Provincial managers of Latina and Frosinone - all the problems of the sector were addressed and developed in difficult circumstance of the crisis following the coronavirus.

The fundamental theme was the relaunch of the markets and the Fiera di S. Onorato after the relocation and development phase of the Medium Sales Structures which revolutionized the commercial distribution network of the city and also in light of the uncertainties due to the possible application of the Directive. BOLKESTEIN, which has slowed down all investments and development hypotheses in the city and national sector.

A great awareness has emerged so far that street vendors and small agricultural producers are the expression of a very important segment of the Fondi economy and deserve all the attention and protection to guarantee their growth to also allow the development of the agri-food chains so important for the economy of the city.

Fondi is the city where the Wholesale Agri-food Center, formerly the MOF, is based, around which thousands of agricultural producers rotate, and in Fondi there are numerous companies producing cheeses, mozzarella, sausages and various sausages. All typical and quality products found in the markets of Fondi - and above all in the Sunday market of Via Mola S. Maria - daily marketing channels.

ANA di Fondi and Nazionale express great appreciation for the level of discussion and mutual listening recorded so far with the first three candidates for mayors.

Last meetings of Ana with the mayoral candidates of Fondi