Mattarella anticipates the return and expects "clarity". The first contacts already over the weekend

"I am ready to talk, my phone is always on". So Matteo Salvini opens a window to the 5 Stars for a possible Count bis. Meanwhile, the President of the Republic, Sergio Mattarella, anticipated his return from holidays in Sardinia and as the quirinalist Breda writes in Corriere della Sera, the president does not hide his thoughts: "These are capable of everything and the opposite of everything… better prepare ourselves for any eventuality".

Salvini's strategy cannot be understood. Your turnaround is dictated by the fear of a M5S, PD, Leu government, or does it want to create more and more confusion ahead of Tuesday's 20 no-confidence vote? A puzzle that apparently not even the League's colonels can understand, primarily the number two of the Lega Giorgetti. Berlusconi on the Salvaviana turnaround, on the other hand, is on a rampage and raises the possibility of setting up a governissimo.

Breda also makes it known that the president of the Republic could already have some contact at the weekend, to better understand the scenario he will have to face. It is known, however, that it does not intend to be put in the middle of maneuvers (for example, on a majority to be invented or reconstructed) and disputes (on the program) which it is up to the political to resolve.

Mattarella wants to go beyond the games of politics and expects clarity especially from Conte who after having made his communications in the Senate will have to go up to the Quirinale to resign his mandate, albeit in the absence of a motion of no confidence that has not been scheduled and even without the withdrawal of the ministers of the League.

The resignation will be accepted with reservation and the President of the Republic will start the consultations on Wednesday to complete them on Thursday, according to the timing of the legislature which originally provided for the dissolution of the Houses between 27 and 28 August and the opening of the polls on 27 October. All this if the parties did not ask for more time to deepen some negotiations. A time that must in any case be short in light of the government's budgetary commitments towards Brussels.

Mattarella anticipates the return and expects "clarity". The first contacts already over the weekend