Milan, 2018 Payments Hall. Three days of dialogue on innovation

From the 7 to the November 9 the third edition of the event promoted by ABI to spread the digital culture and innovation in the payment chain

Payment systems as a common thread to read the profound transformations, both technical and cultural, that the technological revolution is taking in all areas of the business. And innovation as a natural context for the evolution of the banking and financial sector.

It is placing itself at the center of these two lines of development that the Salone dei Pagamenti confirms itself with its third edition - from 7 to 9 November at the MiCo-Milan Congresses of Milan - the reference appointment for innovation applied to systems and payment instruments. A vital area of ​​confrontation that promotes dialogue between banks, businesses, public administration, professionals, institutions and citizens.

The event, organized by ABIServizi and promoted by ABI-Italian Banking Association, in collaboration with Feduf-Foundation for financial education and savings, Consorzio CBI, ABI Lab Consortium, under the patronage of the Agency for Digital Italy ( AgID), with over 60 discussion sessions, 30 workshops, over 300 speakers involved and over 80 partners, is the largest Italian incubator of ideas, projects, tools, companies and people who daily produce and propose innovation in the payment systems.

Banks and payment circuits, therefore, but also large technology companies, the galaxy of fintech startups, business accelerators, the Public Administration, Universities and research centers, the world of retail and retail trade: all are involved in a radical path of change that sees in the Salone dei Pagamenti a point of reference.

Payments, in fact, thanks to the qualifications and the potential made available to the technologies, are no longer just a tool to finalize the purchase, but play a key role in the customer engagement process, and are a decisive and distinctive element of the customer experience. For this reason, investments aimed at integrating payments in the marketing processes of companies are an emerging necessity that is transversal to the various production sectors.

After the great success of the first two editions, the Salone dei Pagamenti also confirms for 2018 its innovative format, composed of a rich calendar of conferences and appointments with free admission, from a large exhibition space where to meet, learn and experiment with new solutions from technological partners, and from personalized paths of financial education.

The paths of innovation

The thematic ideas around which the program of the 2018 edition has been built are many and interconnected, starting from a perspective photograph of the evolution underway:

- The implementation of Artificial Intelligence systems, Internet of Things and Machine Learning technologies that are profoundly transforming the processes and services of banking companies and the relationship between banks and customers.

Blockchain protocols that play an innovative role in various fields, ranging from payments, to contracts, to integrated logistics systems.

- The entry into force of the European directive PSD2, which redesigned the relations between banks and the new non-bank players active in the payments ecosystem, and introduced a new concept of “open banking” which represents a challenge for the future. An issue that on the one hand opens up interesting prospects for dialogue for banks and companies with the world of fintech, full of young startups, on the other hand implies crucial reflections in the increasingly delicate areas of privacy and data security, also following recent regulations posed by the GDPR.

- The key value of the customer experience as a crucial element today for any business model, and therefore a reflection on the need and opportunity to translate innovation and technologies into better services for customers.

- The role and commitment of the Public Administration in grasping the potential of new technologies put at the service of a more efficient and simple relationship with citizens and businesses, a theme to which the third day of the event is dedicated.

Eight thematic areas. Plus one

To narrate through authoritative voices, present good practices and exclusive previews this broad scenario, the 2018 Payments Show is structured in eight thematic areas that explore the "Payvolution" horizon in all its dimensions, its impact on macro-processes economic and daily habits of life and consumption. The eight areas, each of which is dedicated to a series of illustrative sessions and in-depth workshops, are:

  • The future of global payments
  • Blockchain and Criptovalute
  • Towards a digital society
  • Mobile and Millennials
  • Bank (R) evolution
  • Shopping without cash
  • Privacy and Security
  • Artificial Intelligence arrives

Among the most stimulating novelties of the 2018 edition, the permanent session Fintech Goes to Italy: a sort of "temporary incubator", created in collaboration with Fintech District, which for three days will host young Italian and international fintech companies for a series of presentations open (pitch) and networking moments. Thanks to the contribution of experts, entrepreneurs and managers of the international and national financial world, Fintech goes to Italy will be an opportunity to discuss the growth prospects of the Italian fintech ecosystem, together with the protagonists of this process. Exploring key issues such as access to capital, integration and dialogue with companies in the banking, financial and insurance sectors, and prospects for internationalization.

Also this year, the Salone dei Pagamenti will pay particular attention to moments of in-depth analysis on the topics dedicated to financial education for young and very young people, but also to teachers and educators, with the involvement and participation of hundreds of young people secondary schools of I and II degree to events specially designed for their involvement.

The innovation engine banks

With the Salone dei Pagamenti, the Italian banking world confirms its leading role in one of the most advanced and significant areas of technological innovation. «The Show has the ambition of not simply being an industry event, but a space for growing and spreading the culture of innovative payments, combining new technologies with banking operations. All this, customer-oriented ", explains Gianfranco Torriero, Deputy General Manager of ABI and President of ABIServizi. "Today we have to think of the bank as a platform, which offers different products and services, and that talks to 360gradi. The interaction that, thanks to the Show, we have now consolidated with the many different players that revolve around the world of payments, confirms the central role of banks not only in the offer of payment services, but more generally in the ecosystem innovation. "

Milan, 2018 Payments Hall. Three days of dialogue on innovation

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