Minister Luxembourg attacks Salvini, "shit". Salvini, "she was vulgar". "If you want migrants we will send you to thousands"

«I heard some colleagues before me - Salvini explains calmly in the conference - saying that we need immigration because the European population is aging, I have a completely different perspective. I think I'm in the government and being paid by my citizens to see young people go back to making those children who did a few years ago, and not to extricate the best of young Africans and replace Europeans who for economic reasons no longer have children. They are two completely different visions. Maybe in Luxembourg they have this need, in Italy we have the need to make children not to have new slaves to supplant the children we do not do anymore».
These are the words of the Italian Minister of the Interior Matteo Salvini who sent the Foreign Minister of Luxembourg, Jean Asselborn, to a rage at the Migration conference in Vienna, which held the microphone, making the verse to Salvini: "bla, bla , blah ... » "I calmly reply to your point of view that it is not mine. I did not interrupt, let me finish, "says Salvini. But Asselborn loses his patience, takes on the attitude of believing he can give lessons to Italy and says: «In Luxembourg, dear sir, we had thousands of Italians who came to work with us, migrants, so that you in Italy could have the money for your children. " And then he concludes with a colorful expression: "Merde, alors».
Salvini, in reference to the Foreign Minister of Luxembourg, "was vulgar", IL Luxembourg is a tax haven and claims to give lessons to Italy ".
Later at the League party in Paullo, "but a more normal to do the minister in Luxembourg do not have it? He also started shouting: shit! ». "If the Luxembourg colleague wants all the migrants in his country, we can send thousands of them. When I hear that the immigrants who arrive now in Italy, and then go around to mess and make mess are like our grandparents who have emigrated to the world in past years, I get angry. When I hear that we need immigrants because our kids do not have children, I get angry. " From Luxembourg to Hungary, again the head of the Carroccio, but this time in the press conference in Vienna with the Austrian vice-chancellor, Strache, I am convinced that in a few months we will find ourselves managing Europe in the company of Viktor Orban ".