Murder in Colleferro, six super witnesses nail the 4 suspects


(by Emanuela Ricci) On the streets of Colleferro since yesterday, banners have been posted in plain sight #justiceperwilly. The city community was not used to so much hype, to appear on the front page of the major national newspapers. But now it's time for justice for Willy. The investigations into the death of Willy Monteiro Duarte continue at a fast pace, the Prosecutor of Velletri has instructed the Colleferro carabinieri to acquire further clues, in particular the telephone reports on the cell phone repeaters of the 4 boys under investigation, for now, for unintentional murder. In the meantime, one of the lawyers of the arrested states to the press microphones that the Bianchi and Pincarelli brothers did not lift a finger at Willy, they were there to help calm the fight. The lawyer specifies that he will present to the prosecution other evidence in favor of the thesis. The truth is contained in those twenty minutes from 2.40 to 03.00 on September 6th. To testify against the suspects (they are certain that the 4 would have beaten Willy) there would be 6 super witnesses, a dealer from the area and 5 boys present at the time of the fight. 

La Repubblica reports that 5 of the 6 witnesses stated: "Belleggia, even before Willy's arrival, had left to make a phone call. As often happens in our country when there is a fight, then the Whites arrive. So he warned them and they came right away ”. 

At the examination of the prosecutors there would also be a photograph that of the carabinieri marshal who was the first to intervene on the scene. The photograph that allowed the soldier to recognize the Bianchi brothers and spread the news to the steering wheels who then intercepted them at the family "bistro" in Artena. The lawyer who defends the Bianchi and Pincarelli brothers reports that the area was dark because it was poorly lit, then there is the question of the cameras: that of the carabinieri was aimed at the street and that of the park, due to the poor lighting it only captured shadows in movement. Today there will be an autopsy on Willy's body, a fundamental examination to ascertain what the mortal body may have been and if it could have been launched by a professional "thug". The clothes of the four suspects will also be examined to discover traces of DNA compatible with the killed boy.

On the matter yesterday also the Prime Minister, Giuseppe Conte spoke on the sad story with a message on the fb page, after calling Willy's parents on the phone: "The tragedy that hit Willy Monteiro Duarte's family yesterday struck me deeply. It left me shocked. A boy who had recently crossed the threshold of 20 years, was studying and working, fully lived his passions, his emotions. He cultivated his dreams and was probably exposed to the many uncertainties that worry young people intent on building their future in personal and professional life.

Suddenly it broke down on me a deaf and unmotivated violence. We all draw close to his family, to his community of Paliano, to all those who loved and appreciated him. I transmitted this sentiment to his parents, to his sister, even in the knowledge that it is difficult to fully understand the anguish caused by such acute and painful suffering.

The judiciary is conducting its investigations and justice will certainly run its course. We trust that certain and severe sentences will soon be reached.

But in the meantime how will we react? What measures will we take? Will we tell our children to turn their heads away? Not to intervene to quell disputes or to try to protect weaker friends or friends in obvious difficulty?

I don't think this can be the answer, the way forward. We must rather multiply our efforts, in every location and in every context, so that our children grow up in the cult of respect for the person and avoid the myth of violence and oppression.".



Murder in Colleferro, six super witnesses nail the 4 suspects