Naples: Sanitation in the city continues


The sanitation operations carried out by the municipal administration are continuing and that Napoli Servizi is carrying out with a task force of skilled workers who are proceeding to sanitize various structures in the city with particular equipment and specific products.

Today the Napoliservizi teams have sanitized Palazzo San Giacomo but operations had already started last week from the local schools, from the San Carlo Theater, from sports facilities such as the Scandone swimming pool, the Palabarbuto, the San Paolo stadium.

Yesterday the operations concerned some monumental and cultural sites such as the Complex of San Domenico Maggiore, the PAN, the Annunziata wheel, and the Annalisa Durante library.

In the afternoon there will be an intervention at the municipal police building in via Alessandro Poerio while tomorrow Sunday 8 March there will be the sanitization of all the working premises of Napoliservizi, Monday 9 we will move to the dormitory in via De Blasis, Tuesday 10 sanitation of Castel dell'ovo while sanitation of city markets will begin from Monday afternoon

Depending on the areas, the employees of Napoliservizi, eight specialized workers, use different means and special equipment, backpacks with nebulisers, trucks equipped with nebulisers, 5 electric hand sprayers, 2 wheeled nebulisers to reach areas not accessible by trucks.

The Maschio Angioino to be interested in the sanitation intervention, entrusted to the specialized team of Napoliservizi, which will operate from the morning in all the rooms of the castle with the exception of the Sala dei Baroni which has already been sanitized in recent days. Consequently, the sanitation of Castel dell'Ovo will be postponed to another date.

Naples: Sanitation in the city continues