PRP Channel, born on 21 July 2017, it is the only multilingual Italian online newspaper, read in more than 199 countries of the globe, with over 140 millions of contacts the year. PRP is going to People Reunion People, because it puts people at the center over everything else, favoring “citizen journalism”. The publisher, the non-profit association PRP Channel has national and international experts and analysts in its border who have decided to do with unusual enthusiasm convey, in a single editorial platform, i contributions of thought of ordinary citizens and leading professionalism of the journalistic, academic, military and industrial world.

Transparency, objectivity and independence are our main tools to offer the reader a timely and updated picture of the facts, also showing how international news from Italy is viewed and read and vice versa.

PRP Channel was born with the aim of overcoming the greatest barrier to knowledge and understanding among peoples: language. Making, therefore, national and international news and insights available in all languages ​​thanks to ability of the publishing platform to transform with a click in the desired language.

Our growth trend, throughout the Middle East, North Africa, Asia and the Americas confirms the validity of the idea and pushes us to move forward with greater conviction and enthusiasm. 

The "INTERNATIONAL POLITICS OBSERVATORY", edited by dr. Giuseppe Paccione, expert in international law, senior analyst and author of several studies and in-depth analyzes aimed at clarifying, in an incontrovertible way, the most complex disputes between opposing countries and blocs.