Red-yellow government a marriage with divorce already written

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(by Andrea Pinto) Yesterday a small appetizer of what could happen with a yellow-red government. Luigi Di Maio, after the meeting with the prime minister in charge Giuseppe Conte put the ball back in midfield raising with 20 proposals of the MoVimento essential. We do not touch the security decree bis, we will have to proceed with the progressive autonomy, remove the management of the highways to Atlantia and cut the parliamentarians. These are the most indigestible points for the Democratic Party that have sent on a rampage Nicola Zingaretti: “Slogans are not enough we need concreteness. We do not look at the colors of the political forces, we work for the country ”. Zingaretti, then explained to his followers: "He told me he has to ask others. It does not even have the power to decide". The group leader Stefano Patuanelli throw water on the fire: "Nothing to worry about, a solution will be found". Yet it was he himself, in an interview with Foglio who explained that if the Democratic Party wants a solid government, it must know that Di Maio's presence in a prestigious role is a guarantee of stability. The basic problem is Di Maio's role within the new government: vice-premier? Minister of the Interior, Defense, Labor? The Democratic Party, therefore, wants to understand whether or not there is a veto on Di Maio: "It is unacceptable, we did not put it on Zingaretti "

Di Maio's accusations: the Democratic Party does not want the law on conflict of interest, does not want to stop the drills, does not want to stop the incinerators. The prelude to a marriage with divorce already written.

Also from the Quirinale there is a certain nervousness. Giuseppe Conte would have asked for more time, receiving a sharp no from the President of the Republic. Meanwhile Matteo Salvini he continues his usual meetings with the people of the League. Yesterday in Conselve, in the province of Padua, he wore a polo shirtair Force and he embraced his people who urged him not to give up.

Many in the Democratic Party think that Di Maio, now surrounded by the Movement, is still weaving the canvas with Matteo Salvini. The League for its part is now applying the "pop corn" technique, it remains to watch also because it knows that the government's confidence in the Senate is not so obvious. Very few defections are enough, 6-7 to blow it up. Many 5Stellas could be tempted not to vote for the trust hoping for a safe re-election in the League ranks. 

Some good ones will be seen in the coming days, especially after the outcome of the consultations of the Rousseau Platform.


Red-yellow government a marriage with divorce already written