Rome waste: the Campidoglio protests the "No to Tragliatella landfill" committee, the League at their side


About a hundred people are demonstrating in Piazza del Campidoglio, supported by some representatives of the League, against the construction of a landfill in the Tragliatella area that falls in the XIV municipality of Rome. Today in the Capitoline junta, the ok could reach the resolution that will define the area in which - following the ordinance issued by the Lazio Region - a site will have to be built to receive the waste of the capital. The “No to the Tragliatella landfill” committee took to the streets together with the Capitoline councilor of the League Maurizio Politi and other League representatives including William De Vecchis, senator, Daniele Giannini, regional councilor. "We asked for a meeting with the mayor or a member of the junta, but there was a total wall - said the three members of the League in the square -. Raggi just let us know that she is very busy. We are strongly against it and we are ready to oppose even on the street if they do not receive us at the Senatorial Palace".

From the committee Marco Riezzo explains that the area identified in Tragliatella "it is already battered: nearby are the antennas of Vatican Radio, the Enea depot and the Cobis purifier. Furthermore, in the site identified under the possible quarry to be filled with waste, an aquifer passes which supplies the farmers in the area who supply milk to Roman companies. The risks are very high, for everyone's health".

Angel Pavoncello, exponent of the Lazio League, underlines that "it is an unworthy attitude on the part of a mayor to refuse to meet a delegation of citizens on such an important issue as the landfill ”. Finally, for Politi, "it is absurd that one proceeds covertly to vote for such an important choice on a day before a holiday, the last day of the year".

"The mayor of Rome Virginia Raggi called herself the champion of participatory democracy. Today, however, it closes in the building and refuses to meet with institutional representatives of the League who wanted to open a table with the committees against the landfill in Tragliatella and the citizens". The representatives of the League declare this in a note Francesco Zicchieri and Carlo Durigon regarding the protest in Piazza del Campidoglio against the construction of a waste site in the Tragliatella area in the XIV municipality of Rome.

Rome waste: the Campidoglio protests the "No to Tragliatella landfill" committee, the League at their side