Rizzo, Usb Taranto: “The Prefect's decision does not surprise us, but embitters us. It's all a farce "


So in a note, Franco Rizzo provincial coordinator Usb Taranto, regarding the Arcelor Mittal-Prefecture affair: "Now we are no longer surprised, not even that institutions that should first of all collect and evaluate the requests that come from citizens and workers, decide to leave the field free to a company that, as Arcelor Mittal, rather clearly shows the only interest: production and profit even at the cost of health, or rather of life. The decision of the Prefect of Taranto not to extend the provision of 26 March is no wonder, but leaves a bad taste in our mouths. They sound like a joke on monitoring and control over the conditions of employment of the staff as well as the constant and total application of health risk prevention measures".

Even the Prefect removes the limitations set previously. So nothing has helped to show the Doctor Demetrio Martino a heavy document such as the letter sent from the ad Lucia Morselli to the Government, which denies what the company's management declares.

Paradoxically today, if the Municipality and the Region wish to intervene, they would not have the right to do so, since there is the possibility of having more stringent measures but not for the continuous cycle industries.

Last time the Prefect relied on the technical report of the Fire Brigade Commander, then in fact canceled by Morselli's letter; today it is based on a report from Spesal, according to which the situation in the factory is under control with only five more units among the safety workers.

This for us is nothing but a farce. The central government must stop it with the announcements through which it speaks of good intentions that punctually fall on deaf ears. Instead, it should clearly reveal that it has shamefully taken sides with the multinational at the expense of the health of thousands of people. 

Rizzo, Usb Taranto: “The Prefect's decision does not surprise us, but embitters us. It's all a farce "