Rome can hope with a Matteo Salvini League


(by Francesca Proietti Cosimi) The alarm cry comes from businesses, on a sunny Sunday afternoon, the League brings together militants, civil society and business leaders from Lazio to the Palazzo dei Congressi.

The overflowing place inside and outside, the only flaw perhaps a larger place would have allowed those who remained outside to participate.

Salvini sitting in the stalls listening to the demonstrations, Rome the capital is in disarray, indeed it is firm, without a strategic plan to make it shine, to put it back on its feet, to give it the push that must make it become a European city, now confined to a provincial city.

There is talk of maintenance, where there is a lack of funds, of waste that remain on the streets attracting mice and seagulls, of bureaucracy, we talk of trade with the commissioner of ConfCommercio, the activities are under constant attack of illegalism. If in the suburbs they are now fed up with the government that has only blocked our city, yesterday businesses raised the cry of alarm, Salvini took note by listening, and launched the offensive ... Rome will shine again ...

Rome can hope with a Matteo Salvini League, which in my opinion should feel more about civil society, and keep a moment aside, those political faces that have so far not led to anything, and depict an old ancient policy that makes you anxious.

The crisis involving the whole country, a country held hostage, by a government that quarrels like the cat and the fox, an executive where Renzi has already launched chase me you resign to Conte ...

There are rumors of an agreement between the two Matteo, young people with the desire to change this country, a side from the right to that center-left, which will lead, why not, to the vote ...

Rome can hope with a Matteo Salvini League