Salzburg, Macron pushes for the EU Border Guard. Conte slows down and relaunches "flexible solidarity"


The Salzburg summit to discuss Brexit and immigration once again demonstrated that a united Europe is only a mirage.

At the end of the summit Emmanuel Macron dictated his line, "Countries that do not want to strengthen Frontex will leave Schengen". The reference is clear to the countries of Visegrad and Italy, skeptical of Jean-Claude Juncker's proposal on strengthening the EU Border Guard.

The text of the legislative proposal also provides for penalizing countries that do not accept help from Frontex. In fact, Article 43 states that in an emergency the Commission has the power to send men from the EU border guard to a state. Brussels can order the suspension of Schengen, at the borders of the country that does not allow entry.

"The current tensions, says Macron, are caused by those (clear the reference to Italy) who do not respect humanitarian law and the international law of the sea, with the refusal of boats to dock in their ports, which are considered safe and closer" .

Macron also speaks of Brexit. “Leaving the EU is not so easy, but above all it has consequences, such as the lack of access to the EU single market for London. Or the expulsion from Schengen for Italy and the cut in structural funds for Hungary which refuses to accept refugees ”.

Flexible solidarity

 "Those who do not want to participate in the redistribution of migrants could choose, alternatively, to contribute differently, with greater financial contributions, or by sending more men to the Frontex mission".  

Solution that the Visegrad countries do not mind. Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte could also agree in principle. Macron has hinted that he would like to end the affair before the next European elections. La Merkel, on the other hand, expressed his doubts, "flexible solidarity does not convince me".



Salzburg, Macron pushes for the EU Border Guard. Conte slows down and relaunches "flexible solidarity"