Salvini, "things are not going the right way, get ready". Approaching Toti

Salvini"Things do not turn the right way. Get ready for any eventuality".

(by Massimiliano D'Elia) Yesterday morning the government summit hosted by Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte. In addition to the two deputy premieres there was Economy Minister Giovanni Tria and a large number of technicians from his ministry. The meeting was wanted by Conte to try to throw down "solid" bases for the next financial maneuver, a sort of "trump card" to put on the Brussels table, after the confirmation of the probable start of the infringement procedure for deficit excessive, charged to Italy.

A very high-voltage summit, especially when Tria has turned its back on the flat tax, supported by Prime Minister Conte. Tria asked Salvini where to take the covers for the Northern League proposal.  

Salvini replied that the Lega has ready a bill in which the covers are foreseen, but has ruled out that everything can be done without going overboard. At a certain point during the meeting, "big words" would fly between Tria and Salvini, so much so that the Northern League leader, with his entourage, left the summit and in the early afternoon he gathered his ministers saying: "Things do not turn the right way. Get ready for any eventuality ".

Salvini is increasingly convinced that the Tria-Conte axis is too un courageous with Brussels: "It takes a straight back and does not lower the breeches immediately".

The Leaguers are certain that Brussels is contesting the accounts of 2018 but also of 2019 and 2020 in order not to allow Italy to cut taxes.

In the afternoon meeting with the Northern League's elite, Salvini also puts Di Maio on the table of the accused, considered incapable of conducting thorny files such as Ilva and Alitalia.

The grillini in turn reject the hypothesis of amnesty on deposits in safety deposit boxes. On the Alitalia front, the novelty is the entry into the game of Lazio president Claudio Lotito.

The Minister of Development Di Maio, according to Salvini, does not collect the Northern League suggestions.

Alitalia case. Salvini is willing to let Atlantia in to get the national airline out of the quagmire of extraordinary administration.

Ilva case. In the growth decree, the article that guarantees the criminal shield to the property, the steel giant ArcelorMittal, for the years to come, up to 2023, should be modified, while with the Di Maio provision it will disappear by September. With the almost certainty that the Taranto, Genoa and Novi Ligure plants will close.

In the square 13mila workers could fall, fired from these plants, explains a Northern League. It will be difficult to manage a square of people fired because of the government: "The effects on our electoral consensus would be devastating ".

But the truth is that the fiscal peace that Salvini would like in favor of the safe deposit boxes, kept at Italian banks for an estimated value of 150 billion, is literally sending pentastellars into a tailspin, always opposed to any amnesty.

The co-founder of the Movement, the national Beppe, was the most dangerous card for the government.

Beppe Grillo in the daily newspaper affirms that the League convinces people by feeding fear: "They have filled the space of fears sown by decades of follies. They behave like a river that fills a lake, a natural phenomenon, always the same, when people get convinced they are afraid. It doesn't matter if the lake overflows, nothing matters if so many people trust them despite a mathematical facts / words relationship that wants more zeros behind the comma of a subatomic particle".

The immediate reply of #Salvini"Beppe Grillo probably doesn't live in a council house, doesn't take the bus, doesn't have a daughter who takes the train with her heart in her throat".

Apparently the government has no credible prospects. From one moment to the next, Salvini could climb the hill. It is the only way to go back to the polls already in September. Salvini is aware that the consensus, around the 37 per cent, is a capital that can "liquefy" in the blink of an eye. For this reason, according to some Italian newspapers, in great secrecy he would already be talking with Giorgia Meloni and above all with Giovanni Toti. There would have been a phone call from Salvini to Toti: “Get ready”. About ten days ago it was seen in Rome with Giovanni Toti and the phone calls with the governor of Liguria would be continuous.

With Giorgia Meloni, on the other hand, contacts are feeble, so much so that the top management of Fratelli d'Italia are certain that Salvini will blow the bank to risk a solo race, leaving both Fdi and Forza Italia at the post. Salvini probably does not like the “scouting” of Fratelli d'Italia, among the former members of Forza Italia. There was also talk of a return to politics in the ranks of Meloni, of Gianfranco Fini.

Within this month Salvini will have to come out of the closet because there are technical times to go back to the vote in September-October, start the new legislature and approve the Budget law.


Salvini, "things are not going the right way, get ready". Approaching Toti