Salvini does not give up the government because he needs a "scapegoat" on duty

(by Massimiliano D'Elia) The summit is underway at Palazzo Chigi between premier, vice premier and Giovanni Tria to decide the line to be proposed in Brussels. A high-tension summit as Matteo Salvini, fresh from American investiture, as Trump's major ally in Europe, does not retreat one millimeter on new fiscal measures, also through the mini-Bots, proposed by the Northern League player Claudio Borghi. Salvini wants, at all costs, to solve the problem of public administration debts towards private companies: "otherwise you do what is in the government contract and which Parliament approved. Whoever wants to be the minister of this team knows that tax cuts are the priority".

Giovanni Tria is of opposite opinion and already from London, days ago, thundered: "the NO to the  Mini-Bot because they are illegal and dangerous.

Another "sword of Damocles" is the one on the public finance numbers to be brought to Brussels to avoid the infringement procedure, which should announce Ecofin the 8 next July.

Against the ambitions of Salvini and Di Maio he makes himself heardConte-Tria-Mattarella institutional axis.

They want to mitigate the ambitions on Salvini's tax reform and the minimum wage proposed by the M5S with a sentence pronounced from yesterday as a "mantra": "within the perimeter established by the Def approved by Parliament". Conte then was clearer and clearer: "All the necessary reforms will be made taking into account the economic equilibrium".

A hand to the Government then arrived on the same day from the president of INPS #Tridico, which calculates in three billion the lower 2019 expenditures for citizenship income and 100 quota. An important figure for the government to be able to present a 2019 deficit of 2% in Brussels, with a structural improvement that would “compensate” for the 2018 overshoot.

More and more uphill the road that leads to serenity this Government that argues about everything.  

A grueling quarrel that upsets citizens and markets. Fortunately, for the markets, the president of the ECB, Mario Draghi that yesterday announced to lower the cost of money and reactivate the "bazooka" of Quantitative Easing to buy government bonds from EU countries. The motivation of the national Mario is the "feeble" growth of the eurozone economy, but below, it is an "important" bank for Italy that would benefit from this virtuous measure of economic policy.

Draghi's announcement, however, sent Donald #Trump into a rage, accusing Draghi of unfair policy against the United States in a tweet. As is well known, the US is in a "permanent" trade war with China and having a weak EU, subject to American "secondary" duties, could have constituted a favorable condition for the American tycoon in the global domination of the economy.

In Italy, however, it is not clear what is waiting for Salvini to pull the plug on this government which is plastered on everything, despite the proclamations via "social". Perhaps Matteo Salvini is afraid of not being able to keep the ambitious promises made to the Italians and always wants a "scapegoat" at his side, a Di Maio, Conte, Tria on duty.

Salvini does not give up the government because he needs a "scapegoat" on duty