Salvini: "we will take to the streets peacefully to ask for the vote"

“If they make an agreement on the sharing of power, I don't have the numbers in Parliament to stop them… This must be said. Then we will find ourselves peacefully in the Italian squares to ask for the right to vote ”. Matteo Salvini said this during this evening's speech-interview at Versiliana, in Marina di Pietrasanta. “I only go forward, there is no going back. When there is the risk of seeing Renzi back to the government, we only go ahead and there is no time to waste ", added Salvini," any government that does not respond to the popular will is a government that responds to Brussels, Paris and Berlin ".

“Would you consider a Pd-M5s-Forza Italia government or a Martian government to be normal? These all seem to me to be hypotheses to throw out Salvini and the League ”, said the Minister of the Interior, according to whom such an executive would be“ a scam to the Italians ”. How will Tuesday go? Alessandro Sallusti asked who moderated from the stage. “I want to hear the words of the Prime Minister. Of course, if the mood is that of the past few weeks, then the main road is clear ", the deputy premier emphasizes," if we were a normal democracy we know how it would end, we would immediately go to the vote. Those who are afraid of the people are because they have a guilty conscience ”.

"This week bear with us, I will do my best for Italy", concluded Salvini, "the main road in a time of difficulty and economic crisis is not a strange government or one that makes a living". Speaking of the Open Arms, which sent an urgent request to disembark in Lampedusa, the line does not change: "With my authorization not even one disembarks from the Open Arms".

5 Compact stars don't come back 

Meeting in Marina di Bibbona between Luigi Di Maio, Beppe Grillo, Davide Casaleggio, Roberto Fico, Alessandro Di Battista, Paola Taverna and the group leaders Patuanelli and D'Uva, all united in defining Salvini as an interlocutor no longer credible. This is what we learn from sources of the 5 Star Movement.

First his move to pull the plug on the Government of change on 8 August between a mojito and a dip - it is explained - then this shameful reverse in which he tries to dictate conditions without any credibility, make him an unreliable interlocutor, sorry for the parliamentary group of the League with which a good job has been done in these 14 months. The Movement will be in the Senate classroom alongside Giuseppe Conte on 20 August.

"Desperate League, blame Salvini"

D'Uva and Patuanelli then released a note in which they write that “now in the Lega home they have come to write the communiqués of desperation. After opening a government crisis in the middle of August, bringing the country to the abyss, they also have the courage to speak up and come up with fake news about Renzi, because they no longer know where to turn their heads ".

“Instead of attacking the Movement, the group leaders of the League take it out on that irresponsible Salvini. It is clear to everyone, even to many leaguers, that the fault of this unlikely situation is his alone. Now that they have made the omelette, that they have betrayed, do not come crying to us ”, they conclude.

Salvini: "we will take to the streets peacefully to ask for the vote"