Sprint of the Government on the Justice reform and measures for returning to school in the presence

Summer break for parliamentary work on 6 August, it will be necessary to accelerate on the reform of the justice and on the measures to be implemented to open the school in complete safety in September. Confirmation of the presence in the classroom for next season directly from the Minister of Education Patricio Bianchi and by the President of the Republic, Sergio Mattarella who added on vaccines: "Vaccinating is a civic and moral duty, I ask politics and citizens for a sense of collective responsibility, assuming that you cannot say no to the vaccine when you work or are in common areas".

On the reform of the procedureThere is no agreement between the parties, nor is there any prospect that it can be reached in time for it to be approved by the Chamber before the summer break. This is the observation that everyone had to make at the end of the meeting between the Keeper of the Seals and the majority group leaders of the Justice Commission of Montecitorio. The requests of the parties risk undermining the presuppositions of the reform and instead, as the President of the Republic Sergio Mattarella said, in the end a decision must be reached. To be taken by Friday 30 to bring the text immediately to the Chamber. A scenario that places Prime Minister Mario Draghi in the position of having to immediately make a summary to be brought to Parliament, asking the majority parties to support it, and to withdraw their amendments. An eventuality that could materialize in the next few hours at the meeting of the Council of Ministers, Ansa specifies.

On the school front, to ensure that the presence of students in the classroom is fulfilled, avoiding that the contagion curve undergoes a surge that is difficult to manage, it will be necessary to work in several directions, one of all long-distance transport, introducing the obligation of the green pass, most likely already from the second half of August and try to strengthen local and school transport. "In a year and a half it has not been possible to buy vehicles and hire more drivers”Complains in this regard the president of the national association of principals Antonello Giannelli.

Mario Draghi yesterday he met at Palazzo Chigi, the leader of the League, Matteo Salvini to discuss vaccines, green passes and justice reform. Salvini, who was satisfied with the meeting, however, wanted to reiterate his opinion to reporters contrary to compulsory vaccination, not only in schools.

In the meantime, the Piano developed by the Ministry of Education on the basis of the indications of the Technical Scientific Committee. It will be necessary to get to the resumption of the school year with at least 60% of students between 12 and 19 years vaccinated (2,4 million people, 2 if we consider only those who attend high school) - a percentage that for the Emergency Commissioner Francesco Figliulo it can be reached within the first ten days of September - use of the mask and spacing, with the possibility of exceeding the measure where it is not possible to maintain the distance meter, capacity of public transport at 80% and possible staggering of the hours of entrance, even if you plan to postpone those of the public offices instead of the school.

The most difficult problem to solve is the vaccinations of the school staff. The percentage of immunized people reached 85,5% but with strong regional differences. Four regions, Sicilia, Sardinia, Calabria, Liguria , province of Bolzano they have over 30% of teachers who have not even taken the first dose. Since there are no problems in the supply of vaccines, explains Palazzo Chigi, the problem is to convince those who do not want to get vaccinated. It is likely that the government will proceed with a strong recommendation and then, if it does not reach 20% by 90 August, the obligation could be considered. Also principals they confirmed their substantial support for the mandatory nature, however attacking the policy for the "difficulties" in deciding on local transport and on the obligation to vaccinate.

Sprint of the Government on the Justice reform and measures for returning to school in the presence