Studio 100 never dies, Taranto TV begins a new story


(by Debora Notarnicola) A new story for Studio 100. The television broadcaster, a point of reference above all for information from Taranto, is heading towards a new future. The issuer was awarded on Wednesday 15 April, at the end of the bankruptcy auction, by BD Editore srl, a company headed by Luigi Blasi for 55%, e Domenico Distant for the remainder. The first Mandurian, president of Taranto football from 2004 to 2009, the second, Francavillese, editor of Antenna Sud, Canale 85 and the weekly Lo Jonio and L'Adriatico.

Therefore surveyed at auction Studio 100 is reborn to new life, after years in which the local context has become poorer, at least from the traditional information point of view, due to the suspension of the publications of the historic Corriere del Giorno in March of 2014, of the closure of the newspaper Taranto Oggi and in 2016 of the Taranto broadcaster of Dr. Cosimo Quaranta: Blustar.

New times, TV reinvents itself at a time when communication mechanisms change, messages are more immediate, short, effective, times are those dictated by the internet.
In this moment of transformation, in which online newspapers continue to emerge capable of certainly offering the right answer to the new needs of the reader, we hope that TV can continue to represent the right synthesis between the need to get directly to the viewer, and that of not neglecting the detail, the quality, the space for in-depth study, taking care as much as possible of the style of an information which, rather than making the news spectacular, which increases the number of views and copies sold, prefers the grace, the balance, the fairness, respect for the people we are talking about, but also for that owner who, he said Indro Montanelli, had to be chosen by the journalist: the reader.

Information that does not want to stun, that must not strike at all costs, but communicate with a language that is not necessarily refined, rather sober, at the most captivating. Information that you leave "The facts separate from the opinions"(Lamberto Sechi) not to confuse, not to convince the reader, but to offer concrete elements on the events on one side and food for thought on the other ...

This is the wish that the writer feels to turn to a TV that for many years has told the facts of the city through the faces and voices of many colleagues.

Studio 100 never dies, Taranto TV begins a new story