Taranto: "Open letter from Giorgio's mother to CEO Morselli"


(by Carla Lucarelli, Giorgio's mother) Mrs. Morselli, I am writing to you after listening to your speech on the Porta a Porta broadcast on RAI 1 broadcast a few nights ago. I could write to her as a simple citizen of Taranto, as a mother worried about the health and future of her three children. But alas, I am writing to you as a mother ... how to define myself, orphan? Amputated? Broken? Destroyed? There is nothing that can define pain, but putting aside a vulgar and useless definition, I remain a mom who has lost a part of her heart.

She who asserts: "We all have to be proud of this system, the most beautiful in Europe, the most modern, the most powerful, I think it is a privilege for everyone and for me to be working there". Well I am not and I could never be, as all moms and dads who suffer every day will never be seeing their children go out and feeling frustrated that you can't do anything.

Do you see us a modern factory? We who live there see each other a factory of death, a factory that devastates the lives of both those who work there and those who for personal choices have never wanted to have anything to do. A factory that destroys any potential other work and an entire territory. One day I invite her to my house to feel the emptiness that is capable of producing her modern and powerful factory of which she is so proud.

It is difficult for me to conclude with the formal cordial greetings and I sign myself as Giorgio's mother, as everyone has learned to know me, who from the day of the birth of the firstborn took the privilege of being a mother very seriously and who from that moment decided to always fight in favor of life and never death.



Taranto: "Open letter from Giorgio's mother to CEO Morselli"