The affirmation of civilians: the case of the Hodierna


The promoting committee of the editorial series entitled “Sarnesi Historical Studies"Communicates the publication of the volume The affirmation of the "civilians": the case of the Hodierna, sponsored by the Salerno Society of Homeland History and the Association of Historians of Christianity Campania (ASCri).

The work intends to trace a typical profile of an eminent family of the middle class of southern Italy which managed to establish itself socially and to rise to positions of power first through the legal professions and, later, thanks to the achievement of noble status, in the long period of time between the late Middle Ages and the modern era. Through the joint and coordinated investigations of the authors, different key moments of history emerge from the book that have relevance not only from Campania, or local, and the portraits of some characters of the House already known to the Regnicola or Salerno historiography such as the jurist Giovanni Battista Today (1602-1678), the bishop Paolo Odierna (d.1506) and the priest D. Luigi Maria Odierna (d.1825), revolutionary in 1799. Alongside these, many others have been added, variously distributed over the period covered by the writings, in the series of which the annalist Giovanni Battista Odierna working in the town of Sarno in the mid-sixteenth century, the sacred poet Nicola Odierna who writes at the beginning of the eighteenth century or, also, the general Italian-American Raymond Th. Odierno, 38th Chief of Staff of the US Army, whose family was originally from Sarno (SA).

This monograph is accompanied and completed by genealogical tables, b / w images in the text, color and b / w tables outside the text, abstracts of the contributions and index.

Sarnese historical studies. The affirmation of the "civilians": the case of the Hodierna, ESA Scientific and artistic editions, Torre del Greco (NA) 2020, edited by Alfredo Franco, Francesco De Martino, Agostino Odierna, pp. XXXII-424, ill. bn in the text, tav. 30 ft b / w and col., ISBN 978-88- 99472-47-4. (2nd volume in the series)

Presentation: Giuseppe Cacciatore, SSSP president

Authors: Carmelo Currò, Pasquale Natella, Gaetana Mazza, Francesco De Martino, Roberto Frecentese, Agostino Odierna, Carmine Di Domenico, Roberto Celentano, Pasquale Marciano, Felice Marciano, Salvatore D'Angelo, Federico Cordella, Elena Amendola, Alfredo Franco

The affirmation of civilians: the case of the Hodierna