Conte's “divide et impera”

(by Massimiliano D'Elia) Last night the closure of the States General with a press conference. After ten days of meetings with all the categories that represent the Italian productive, social and cultural spine, the Prime Minister summarized: "Now we must reinvent Italy with a more modern, more digital, greener nation ".

The project sees among its cornerstones the development of high speed, the implementation of public infrastructures, the establishment of a single optical fiber network accessible to all Italians.

Conte, on the sidelines of the press conference, announced the study for the VAT reduction in a progressive and anticipated manner that a further budget variance will be requested in order to manage the various instances of the current economic emergency. On the VAT cut, however, companies do not agree: "It's just a show, reducing rates is not necessary".

But to start giving a concrete signal to the age-old question of bureaucracy, the head of government said that the draft of the Simplifications decree. Perhaps already in the next Council of Ministers. The decree will change the rule abuse of office and tax damage, two crimes that block many Italian mayors from signing works of significant public interest.

On opposition Giuseppe Conte: "They have not accepted my invitation, I will make another proposal". Then he specifies that he will "reserve", or rather correct himself, "offer" single meetings to the oppositions, to avoid confusion. A skilful move that of the premier because, after some conciliatory declarations by Forza Italia on the support to the Senate on the Mes, having single meetings one could also compare on "arguments" from undergrowth in favor of the Government line, such as the Mes precisely. The line on Berlusconi's Mes is already very clear, yesterday reiterated: "It would be a disaster if we were forced to do without EU help due to uncertainties and the government's inability to influence".

The premier's apparently "venial" proposal for separate meetings with opposition leaders is "diabolical", a sort of "Divide and conquer”, But the center-right doesn't fall for it.

The League's reply is immediate: “The center-right is united and we must not waste time: the government convenes the coalition. If Conte's intentions are finally serious, the center-right will present itself as in the past".

The leader of Fratelli d'Italia, Giorgia Meloni"Conte does not decide how we present ourselves at an appointment to be agreed ”.

Also Silvio Berlusconi agrees on the line of the other two allies: "The center-right will come together. On Monday we will present the proposals for the revival of the country's economy. We hope that this time the government will listen to us and start a concrete and not just formal collaboration".

Forza Italy focuses on flat tax and on the need for a new industrial policy, on support for tourism, start-ups, on the importance of a shared justice reform, on a housing plan and aid to the car sector.

The League he proposes with conviction the balance and excerpt of all the tax collectors' records which risk reaching the home of Italian companies and families.

Brothers of Italy aims at supporting Made in Italy, relaunching public investments, business freedom, job vouchers in all sectors and in particular in agriculture and on the Cig for the duration of the emergency.

Conte's “divide et impera”