University and health: second level master in aerospace medicine is starting


The 26nd level Master in Aerospace Medicine organized by the Federico II University of Naples and the Air Force under a specific agreement between the two institutions started today, 2020 October XNUMX, in remote teaching mode.

This is the first national Master in this sector, a training course in which the Air Force participates with highly specialized medical officers in the aerospace field, together with university professors and experts from sector organizations such as the National Body Civil Aviation (ENAC), the Italian Space Agency (ASI), the National Agency for Flight Assistance (ENAV) and the National Agency for Flight Safety (ANSV).

At the end of the first day of lessons, an inaugural event was held at the Aeronautical Academy of Pozzuoli, which was attended - also remotely - by illustrious representatives of the institutions concerned. Among these, the Chief of Staff of the Air Force, Air Squad General Alberto Rosso, Prof. Luigi Califano and Prof. Stefania Montagnani of the Federico II University of Naples, Dr. Sabrina Ricci of ASI, Prof. Bruno Franchi, President of ANSV, Dr. Alessio Quaranta of ENAC and Dr. Gaetano Longo of ENAV. Exceptionally connected from Washington, from NASA headquarters, Dr JR Allen, who gave a lectio magistralis titled "Moon to Mars: NASA exploration plans", and Dr. JD Polk, with a lecture entitled "The tipping point: space medicine ".

“The Master that kicks off today is an important example of the ability to team up between institutions at the service of the country in a sector, such as that of aerospace medicine, which represents national excellence. Whenever we face new challenges and new opportunities arise, the sharing of knowledge, skills and resources allows us to reach the goal faster and more effectively, ”General Rosso declared during his connection. “This new course of study allows us, as the Air Force, to project ourselves with even greater effectiveness towards a very near future, in line with the path now traced by an Armed Force that is joining the aerospace and specifically space domains to the air domain. The ability to train medical examiners in the aeronautical field with this level of skills and in line with European standards is undoubtedly an important enabling factor for present and future applications in terms of sub-orbital flight and human space flight ". 

The Master was born from the experience of the first and only Specialization School in the field of aero-space medicine in Italy, founded in 1964 by Medical Officers of the Air Force in collaboration with the La Sapienza University of Rome, and offers - for the first time - a completely national training course for Italian doctors to access the Aeromedical Examiner (AME) qualification, necessary for the issue of medico-legal certifications for aeronautical licenses and certificates.

The Master, lasting one academic year, is aimed at medical officers of the medical corps of the Aeronautical Academy and other Armed Forces, Competent Doctors of companies in the Aerospace sector, as well as already certified Aeromedical Examiners (AME), Medical Inspectors ( Medical Assessor) of the EASA (European Aviation Safety Agency) Authorities and experts on the subject who may be interested in acquiring the AME qualification.

University and health: second level master in aerospace medicine is starting