(by Mario Galati) Gold medal for civil valor in memory. The President of the Republic granted it today Sergio Mattarella who signed the relative recognition decree on the proposal of the Minister of the Interior, Luciana Lamorgese a Willy Monteriro Duarte 21-year-old of Cape Verdean origins but born in Italy, in Paliano where his family has lived for over 30 years. Willy was killed on the night of September 6 in Colleferro beaten by 4 thugs who initially took it out on a friend of the young Cape Verdean who had not stood by to watch as everyone else had done and had intervened to act as peacemaker. Those crazy martial arts lovers, however, poured all their brutal fury on him by hitting him repeatedly even after he fell to the ground. The autopsy will later say that they had even broken his heart.  

"With exceptional selfless drive - says the reason for the transfer- and extraordinary determination, giving evidence of marked sensitivity and attention to the needs of others, intervened in defense of a friend in difficulty, trying to favor the peaceful solution of a heated discussion. While he did his utmost in this meritorious action of high civic value, he was struck by some subjects who arrived who began to rage repeatedly against him with unprecedented violence and continued to perccuquerarlo even when he fell unconscious in gterra, until he tragically lost his life . A shining example, even for the younger generations, of generosity, altrism, courage and uncommon civic sense, pushed to the extreme sacrifice ".

The President of the Republic awarded a gold medal for civil merit in memory of Don Roberto Malgesini, the "priest of the last", killed in Como on September 14 by a Tunisian homeless man. This crime too, like that of Willy Monteiro Duarte, deeply shocked public opinion.

Willy: "Gold medal for civil valor awarded"