Zelensky wants to go back to the borders of February 24th. G7: "Aid until the necessary time"


After G7, where Zelensky asked to help him win the war by Christmas, today the word goes to the top NATO of Madrid. Yesterday the general secretary Jean Stoltenberg announced the decision to increase the emergency response forces deployed on Russia's borders, from 40.000 to 300.000. A massive deployment to reassure the countries of Eastern Europe, convinced that they are Moscow's next prey.

Zelensky at the G7: "The conflict must end by winter, otherwise the Russians will consolidate their positions in the occupied areas too much and we will no longer be able to drive them out".

Yes, because winter is a threat to Zelensky's troops deployed on a front that exceeds two thousand kilometers. Zelensky therefore asked for help with regard to air defense to defend himself from attacks from Moscow and thus try to bring his men back to those areas where the Russians intend to consolidate their position.

Zelensky then said he intends to return to the situation prior to the February invasion. A condition that few believe can be reached after Putin has gone beyond all expectations. He has lost tens of thousands of young Russians on the battlefield, for this reason it is difficult for him to go back without an obvious victorious counterpart to then wave at home in front of a public opinion, totally drugged by propaganda.

The G7, however, reiterated its intention to help Ukraine for as long as necessary.

The first to give a concrete answer are the US which has gone beyond rhetoric by announcing the dispatch of Norwegian radar and medium and long-range surface-to-air missile systems NASAMS. Roma e Paris, writes corsera, they could contribute with the system ground-to-air Samp / T, anti-aircraft and missile batteries capable of intercepting vectors up to a distance of 25 kilometers (and aircraft 100 km away). There are few, very expensive examples: 6 in Italy, 10 in France.

Italy will also supply long-range artillery, the MLRS which are self-propelled tracked rocket launchers.

The Italian proposal to impose a ceiling on the price of oil also goes ahead (price cap) which should take away Putin's resources. Added to this is the embargo on exports of Russian gold.

Sul "wheat" dossier the UN secretary general Guterres gave the good news: "we are close to unlocking the grain we are at the moment of truth. There is an agreement between the parties for the passage from three ports controlled by Kiev. We await a response from the Kremlin".

The ships with the grain will be escorted by the Ukrainians because they know the sea routes free from mines and then continue the navigation escorted by the Turkish ships, protected by a UN resolution. The ball is now in the hands of the Russians who must ensure that they do not attack the precious grain loads.

Zelensky wants to go back to the borders of February 24th. G7: "Aid until the necessary time"