Defense, Undersecretary Volpi recalls the heroes of El Alamein


It occurs in these days the 76 anniversary of the battle of El Alamein where the Italian military engaged in the North African campaign perished in the fulfillment of their duty.

" Our Soldiers they remained to fight, despite the numerical inferiority of men and of means, up to the extreme sacrifice demonstrating the anchorage that has always characterized the Italian Armed Forces. "- recalls the Hon. Raffaele Volpi.

We must treasure what history has taught us, in this as in other situations, where il value and the spirit of sacrifice does not they were enough and the human factor alone was an example but not enough. Our people need them today soldiers, equipment, instruments and weapons systems that are adequate for the missions to be completed.

La complexity of today's scenarios and the growing attention to safety of the country impose the continuous search for technological solutions aimed at the protection of our military placed to safeguard the common good.

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